Choosing the best Quality Carport to Suit you - Lysaght living has it all

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Choosing the best Quality Carport to Suit you - Lysaght living has it all

Choosing the best Quality Carport to Suit you- Lysaght living has it all, a large choice is available. There are now a huge range of carports on the market from the popular flat roof “skillion” carport, the traditional gable carport. The Dutch gable carport or the hip roof carport.


Recently introduced is the cantilever carport with its stylish two post structure and an even newer innovation to the Australian market is the solar carport which can be set up as your new electric vehicle charging station.

 Or strongest, easy-to-install, solar-ready from the Professional Choice line?

Carports are the best cost effective alternative for car owner shelter for housing vehicles when there is no garage available. It is not always suitable to build your own garage and the carport is an excellent alternative.With so many variations of carports in the market, there is always a carport to suit everyone for any purpose.


Buying a more expensive steel carport other than a cheaper aluminum carport can actually prove the best carport purchase option in the long run as they last longer. The Lysaght carports have a 15-year warranty, all made with Bluescope steel. The Aluminium cantilever carports vary considerably in price but PLEASE NOTE – ONLY THE CANTAPORT offer a 10-year warranty. A big job at Cantaport in Perth is answering the phone to people looking for spare parts for their cheap and inferior Chinese copy cantilever carports. (parts don’t match anyway, so please do not try!)


Carport kits are made of pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces that are used to house offer shade, usually a vehicle or often an outbuilding. These items are contained in a flat-pack package. It is the quality of the craftsmanship of these items that determine the final outcome; hopefully a carport that will be trouble-free and look good for many years.


So consider the particular type of carport that you need before placing an order – THIS IS NOT THE SITE TO BUY CHEAP AND NASTY! .It is necessary for you to think about the area in which you intend to locate the carport, the total number of cars you intend to accommodate and the best design or look to match and enhance your home. These points will help you choose the best carport design.


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