Help in which fabric to choose for my custom made car cover?

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There is such a wide range in car cover fabrics - Which Fabric should I choose?

Summary of this article - quick choice of car cover fabric

1. Choose whether you need an indoor or outdoor custom car cover - we only have one fabric for outdoor use.

2. If you need one for both, any outside fabric is OK for indoor use. For a general outdoor/indoor fabric at a very reasonable cost, we recommend PU Fabric; a great looking tight-fit fabric with a leather type sheen.

3. Decide how much you want to pay?

4. For an indoor cover, if you want an excellent, quality fit that's not quite as expensive as a true bespoke car cover, try the Ready-fit covers.

5. For an outdoor cover, check this  PU Fabric

Car Covers and Shelter, Tailor made car covers are designed to follow the contours of your car, they hug the vehicle and provide superior quality fit, each car cover is custom made to order in your preferred fabric. hug-fitting custom made car cover by Car Covers and Shelter

A custom fit car cover will protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of the weather and also keep it clean saving you time and money with cleaning costs and eventually body repair costs!. Car owners are sometimes surprised when they realise that by using a quality custom made car cover, the few minutes it takes to put on is well worth the effort of long term car protection.

Custom car covers also fit your car perfectly which means they won't flap around in the wind as they are designed to fit your car. This custom car cover range are speciality covers that are designed to provide you with many years of protection. If properly looked after and maintained, you can expect them to last many years.

Fabrics for Custom Car Covers Indoor and Outdoor Storage Covers

If your car is nearly always garaged then choose a speciality soft indoor car cover fabric.

These fabrics are designed for delicate of paint finishes. There are a four fabrics to choose from and most are available in a range of colours to complement your car styling.

Showroom Reveal Covers

The custom made satin car cover is an ideal "Showroom Reveal" cover or an excellent dust cover for that very special vehicle in your garage or workshop.

It is a looser fitting cover with very little stretch and it comes in some classy colours.

If your car is stored outside then choose an outdoor car cover fabric. The specialist outdoor car cover fabrics has been designed for long term storage conditions and is completely breathable. No matter where you live in Australia we have cover fabrics that can withstand even the most intense UV conditions.


Do you have custom car cover pattern available for all vehicles?

We can produce tens of thousands of patterns for vehicles dating back to the 1930's to current models. All we need is for you to do a little measuring and send it to us. In some cases all we may need is make, model and a photograph can sometimes be handy.  

Investing in a custom made car cover makes sense; the custom made covers will provide you with many years excellent protection. Custom made covers are made from high quality car cover fabrics. All are engineered for maximum vehicle protection. A custom made car cover costs a bit more than a ready made semi custom fit car cover and a lot more than our generic line of car covers but if you love your car, they are a great investment. 

Feel free to phone 0425 230 866 for some advice on the best fabric for your custom made car cover.

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