Custom Made Gold Velvet Car Cover - Indoor

  • $795.00

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Custom made, custom fit Gold Velvet Car Cover - indoor

Note: - No returns on custom made products - it's specially made for you!

This is our heaviest and most expensive fabric for your custom made car cover.

Gold velvet: 240g/m2; a composite of rayon and viscose rayon

  • stretches long-ways  (weft direction)
  • smooth and soft to the touch
  • clings to the sides of your vehicle to show its smooth lines
  • Doesn't crease easily
  • Protects against sun and light - UV resistant
  • Breathable        
  • good heat insulation
  • easy to clean, machine washable.

Available in :- red, black, grey, blue and yellow

satin gold fabric colours for custom car covers - Car Covers and Shelter

If you want a manufacturer logo printed within 50cm x 50cm, this can be added at no extra cost.

The fabric has a slight stretch in one direction only for an easy contoured fit. At 240g per square metre, the fabric is strong but still light and it will complement any vehicle.

This is a great quality indoor car cover for your vehicle.  

Allow up to 3 weeks for manufacture and delivery.

     How to order a custom car cover

    (1) Email make, model and year of vehicle with details/dimensions for your vehicle from one of the choices below - sedan/hatchback, SUV or Ute. send to:-

    We need these measurements to make your cover so send the information to us.

    Click here to download sedan/ hatchback measurements sheet pdf

    Click here to download SUV measurements sheet pdf

    Click here to download Ute measurements sheet pdf

    (2) Choose your length size and colour and order on-line above.

    You can fill in the sheet and SMS a photograph from your phone if that's easier 0425 230 866

    Sedan or Hatch - a,b,c,d and u,v,w,x,y,z - (some measurements will be the same, its a good check)

    dimesions side for sedan or hatch

    dimensions front and rear for sedan/hatch

    SUV a,b,c,d,e,f and u,v,w,x,y,z (some measurements will be the same, its a good check)

    SUV side dimensions Car covers and shelter Custom made covers

    SUV front and rear dimensions Car Covers and Shelter Custom Car Covers

    Ute a,b,c,d,e,f,g and t.u,v,w,x,y,z  (some measurements will be the same, its a good check). (note more than 5.2m is up to 5.4m - other prices on application)

    Utility vehicle side dimensions Custom covers - Car covers and Shelter

    Utility front and rear dimensions, Custom Covers, Car Covers and Shelter

    Remember to allow for the length of a tow bar, if fitted.

    Please fill the following if you have a nudge bar/bull bar

    Ute Bull bar dimensions-

    Additional information that may be necessary - spoiler or body kit measurements (and bull bar or roof rack measurements - already on SUV and Ute pages)

    Click here for rear spoiler/body kit measurements

    Click here for bull-bar/nudge bar measurements

    Click here for roof rack measurements

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