HailSuit World first Hail Protection Emergency Cover

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HailSuit - The World 1st self-inflating car hail protection system 


COMES IN 7 DIFFERENT SIZES to fit most Sedans, Hatchbacks and SUV's.

(Please allow 12-14 days for delivery to your home on this item)

Do you know how much hail damage on your car will cost you? Most people have around $600-$1000 excess on their insurance cover – you’ve just lost that! Maybe you can live with a few bumps on your roof until you try and sell it as a hail-damaged car – another $1000 - $10,000 lost in re-sale value ….. and then the inconvenience, how long is your car off the road for repair? Is it 7 or 14 days?

HailSuit protection front of car with HailSuit - from Car Covers and Shelter

You’ve just had an SMS telling you a severe hail storm is on its way. Your precious vehicle is sitting in the carpark or maybe you are only half way home and you know you won’t make it before the storm hits!


  • The World 1st self-inflating car protection – use it once and you have more than your money back, use it twice and you are way ahead of the game.
  • Just plug in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and install in minutes
  • Small enough to fit in your vehicle’s boot
  • Fast enough to beat the hail
  • Strong enough to save your car
  • Developed and made in Europe

Watch the videos for peace of mind

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Just choose your HailSuit size and check-out – it’s a great investment for any Australian driver.

(Choose the size)

                                 Large HailSuit Car Covers and Shelter    
HailSuit 6 sizes illustrated - Car Covers and Shelter
                                     Size               L x W x H
xs           - 370 x 170 x 95 cm
                                         s            - 420 x 180 x 95 cm
m          - 480 x 190 x 95 cm
L           - 485 x 190 x 95 cm
xl          - 500 x 210 x 130 cm
xxl        - 540 x 200 x 115 cm

                                      sport    - 465 x 220 x 70 cm

There is a size to fit nearly every sedan, hatchback or SUV in Australia.

  1. Fast protection with a powerful built-in 12V pump in the cover
  2. connect to your 12V plug (cigarette lighter) 
  3. inflation time is 3 to 7 minutes depending on cover size
  4. Compact packaging so you can always have a Hail Suit with you
  5. HailSuit is small enough to carry in the boot in case of an emergency
  6. Strong protection - the HailSuit is made of 2.5MM thick PVC material – no chance of even the largest hail getting through.

How to install your HailSuit

The HailSuit has 4 secure straps to attach to each rim/ wheel and 4 secure straps to attach to the rear and front bumpers with plastic hooks.

Best to attach the security straps before you turn on the pump, giving the cover the chance to fully inflate around the contours of your vehicle.  This will ensure your HailSuit stays securely in place, even in the worst storms.

Illustrations showing how to install a HailSuit - Car Covers and Shelter

  • HailSuit is inflated to its maximum capacity within 3-7 minutes
  • The pump has 3 setting functions; Inflate , Deflate and OFF. When inflating, make sure that all air valves (4 pieces) on the cover are properly secure and closed.
  • Fully inflated, the HailSuit will maintain its pressure for an average of 4-8 hours. If necessary, switch on the pump again for a few seconds or so to increase to full pressure again.
  • The HailSuit is a perfect Emergency Hail cover, it is not for longer overnight use.
  • When the hail storm passes, open the 4 air valves, turn pump to “Deflate” fold away neatly and safely and you are ready for the next hail storm!  

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