Affordable Residential Carports Update

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Affordable Residential Solar Carports Update

Solar carports are a lot more popular in the commercial areas than in residential market in Australia so here is an affordable Residential Carports Update. Commercial installations in Carparks, warehouses and even zoos have been around for a good few years now. The introduction of a residential solar carport is quite recent. It’s only now that prices of a new residential solar ready carport are now very affordable for the average person. You can always save half your money by installing a solar ready carport.

Affordable Residential Solar Carport update - solar carport

Commercial installations generally have huge available areas for solar installation. This make a large solar installation very worthwhile for the owners and shareholders.  

In your own home, the family home roof is usually the first option to investigate for solar installation. If there is not suitable space on the roof, then a solar ready carport makes a lot of sense.

GTM Research estimates that the commercial solar sector will soon be worth a billion dollars. The residential sector, while much smaller, will see growth in the next few years.

The cost of solar carport installation has dropped significantly since its Australian introduction around 3 years ago. The introduction of solar-ready makes it very affordable. Solar technology continues to be improved upon, and better, more inexpensive materials are constantly being made available to the public.

Residential Solar Carports

The introduction of the Solar-ready carport should see the popularity of solar panels on a standard carport increase significantly. Pre-Manufactured, Ready to Assemble Carport Kits available in Skillion (flat roof) or Traditional Gable designs. THE PROFESSIONAL CHOICE through Car Covers and Shelter are now designed to take the weight of solar panels. This is something that can not be done on almost all carports currently installed. They come in any custom size at the lowest prices, less expensive in most cases than the current market- leading carport manufacturers and are available for all areas of Australia including cyclonic regions!

A 3m by 6m skillion carport can be supplied for under $3000. They are easy for any handyman to install with Connection Details are one per page – clear, uncluttered and easy to understand with an easy QR scan taking you to a video for any tricky parts.

Joint on the solar ready gable carport - Car Covers and Shelter
A QR scan takes you to a video to demonstrate any fitting.

Easy scan QR Code makes installation easy! Affordable Residential Solar Carports

Add another $4000 for a good 6KW system to be installed retrospectively and you now have a ‘solar carport’ for under $8000! This would pay for itself in just a few years and of course, add considerable value to your home! Posts and beams are all steel and the roof will take over 20kg per square metre.

Solar carport

A ‘proper’ Solar carports is constructed from the ground up and the solar panels themselves are sealed and form the roof. The solar carport is then generally  “plug in “  into the existing power box or solar system. They are a few thousand more than the solar-ready option described above and they do not have the same flexibility to custom-fit an exact area as you have with the solar-ready option.

A residential solar carport is a fantastic option for those homeowners who, for whatever reason, do not have space, or do not want rooftop panels on their home. A solar carport can often be a better option due to several factors like roof angle, orientation, and size. The panels serve as the roof of the structure with a solar carport and the support system can be arranged as necessary to suite the optimal array size and angle. The same is true for a solar-ready structure which can be supplied in skillion (flat roof) or there is a gable roof option.

Solar ready Affordable Residential Carports

These are now available and well-worth consideration. Even if you are just interested in a new carport, it makes sense to install a solar-ready carport so you always have the option of retrofitting panels at a later date. Affordable residential solar carports are with us now!

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