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All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter, the only range of All Carports to offer you a huge range of carports in all sizes, styles, colours and functions in Australia:-

  • Solar ready and solar carports - Australia's first solar ready and solar carport kits for the residential and small business market
  • Cantilever Carports - from Cantaport; the original Japanese manufactured carports to full Australian Standard - don't be fooled by cheap Chinese imitations
  • Standard Carports - choose a flat roof carport from as little as $1,139, Dutch Gable Carport, Traditional Gable Carport with or without end infills or a Hip Roof Carport in mutiple sizes and mix and match with up to 22 Colorbond colours
  • If a carport isn't quite enough, then checkout the range of garages.

All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter - Carport Types

Carports will provide essential protection for cars, bikes, caravans and RV's against our harsh Australian climate. A planned carport in a style to suit your home will add value to your property and protect your assets with a roof the same way you protect yourself! Cantilever Carports are made of corrosion free, strong but light-weight aluminium. Cantaport Cantilever carports come with a 7-year warranty and spare parts are freely available, (although we don't need to supply many!). Standard carports carports are built from quality Colorbond and Zincalume steel, making them durable and providing your car with the best protection with full long COLORBOND® warranty. Zincalume can look great in some locations and is long-lasting but obviously colour choice is not an option!

All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter - Traditional Carports

"Traditional" carport sellers and installers will often tell you aluminium is a cheap options not recommended if you live in an area with high winds. This is nonsense from 30 years ago. Today's designs are corrosion free (unlike COLORBOND®) and are classified to 147kph wind areas, our highest rating.

There are also other architectural style differences among carports beyond the particular material being used. There’s flat or rounded roofing, as well as gable style carports to consider. There are pros and cons to all of them, ranging from price to the inherent protective capabilities of each one. Gable-styling may be more expensive, for example, but it also increases the likelihood that the carport will look like a more natural extension of your home.

Freestanding Carport or attached carport?

All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter - we got the lot

We advertise our carports as 'freestanding". Attached carports, as the name suggests, are attached or linked directly to the house. This is NOT a good idea! Freestanding carports are on their own, not attached to the house. They are not dependent on the installation link to the home for strength. They can be placed anywhere on your property provided it is within council regulations of your front and side boundaries.

Attached carports can make your new property addition look more natural to the style of your home which can help increase your home value even more. A compromise we see often in newer homes is the use of a cantilever carport which can offer easier entry with only two posts instead of four; the 'open end' of the cantilever can hang over the gutters or almost touch the existing homes.

Carports are a fantastic addition to any home.

Carports are a fantastic addition to any home. They are a very popular choice for Australian homeowners, especially when you don’t have a garage. Your carports can be custom designed but with our huge range, a custom order is generally a small and often free adjustment to our advertised standard designs. When choosing your carport, look at the façade of your home and picture what would blend best. Nothing looks better than a cantilever carport, single or double on a modern design home. Maybe a gable roof at a similar angle to your roof?  Roofs are 10, 15 or 20 degrees.  A Gable Roof often looks better beside an older style home. Choose a roof and facia colour that matches your existing home.

All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter, Use as patio or gazebo

Carports can offer more than protection for your car and are often used for shelter in the garden. They can be easily used as patios or gazebos giving an addition entertainment area to your home. 

Do carports add value to a home or property?

Of course they can, as long as it is not a DIY disaster job! The great thing about our standard and cantilever carports is that it is difficult to go wrong! There is no cutting or drilling and all parts just fit together. It's difficult to fit a piece in the wrong place. Hiring a local handyman or installer is a relatively cheap option. All that you need to erect a carport is tools. Carport kits are delivered with everything included with the exception of concrete. You can choose to install on-slab) with base plates which you order separately.

Installation - All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter

Standard and cantilever carport kits can be installed by anyone with basic handyman skills. Use this link to get local quotes. You will end up with something practical that looks great, and also boosts the value of your home. In the case of our solar-ready carports, you end up with it paying for itself and more!

How much does a carport cost?

It’s possible to spend a small amounts or quite a lot. A small amount would be just over  $1000 complete, a lot depends much on the size. Just in term of value, particularly in our larger cities, check out how much a covered  car space is worth in your area - the eastern suburbs of Sydney could easily see an extra covered car space adding more than $200,000 to the value of a home. Excellent quality carports sold here are the best prices you will find for the best quality carports available in Australia. Looking around for "cheap"usually ends with predictable problems - we know the number of inquiries we get for part replacements for cheap Chinese cantilever carports - and we can't help because our quality parts don't fit!

Add Value to your home

Do your own research into carport and/or patio cost before making a decision but keep in mind, the added protection to your car that’s afforded by a carport which will save you money in car resale and protection and perhaps body maintenance as well. The added covered car space will also increase resale value of your home - check out your suburb in and look at the difference between 1,2 and 3 covered cars space homes!

Standard Carports -All Carports - Car Covers and Shelter

The carport is so versatile, affordable and easy to install. You can DO It Yourself with our highly engineered kits it's easy or pay a local handyman builder for a day's work! Carports can be freestanding or attached to your garage or home. The standard carports are built with steel from COLORBOND®. Further cladding can be easily added on one or two sides to give further protection against the weather. Often garages are full of items that you can’t really put elsewhere or often you just need more garage space for another car.  A  simple house extension such as an affordable carport will ensure that your vehicles have their own space away from the street and protected from the elements.

Need extra Height?

The standard carports can come with extra height for caravans, horse trailers, trucks or boats. In fact, choose your carport and request any custom feature like extra height and it probably won't cost you any more!  Available as DIY kits delivered to your home for most of Australia, we can also assist in finding qood quotes for installation in most areas.

Cantilever Carports

If its style and elegance you want around your home, the Cantaport Carport and Awning system is hard to beat. Single carport kits can be joined in M shape, Y shape, or in-line (long) to make triple carports or quadruple carports or more. Our brochures show M and Y combined for a very sleek and modern three car space.

These Kits are often sold as pergola kits, patio kits and pool shade kits because of their easy installation, only two posts and modern looks. Various institutions have purchased these carport kits as bus shelter kits demonstrating their versatility for anyone with some imagination. Full Australian Standard designs for any wind location.

Solar Ready and solar Carport Kits

Plenty of information on Australia's first solar ready and solar carport kits is available in our shop with the product description. Save money and buy a Professional Choice Solar Ready Carport for half the price of a solar carport.

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