Hail Protection cover for Utes and Hail Protection cover for hatchbacks

Hail Protection cover for utes

There is no Autotecnica hail protection cover made for utes with the exception of an Outdoor Premium SUV Bubble which are also perfect for utes.

Single Cab Ute Hail Cover

For 'sedan type' Utes like the Falcon AU or the Holden Ute SS V styles - a standard sedan cover is probably best.

Many customers are happy to use a sedan cover which will easily cover a single cab ute; a sedan cover will protect most single cab utes. The owner must be careful not to tangle and maybe rip the cover on a tray that may have sharp corners. In some cases, like the single Cab Holden and Ford utes, (think about the sillouette/outline of your ute from the side) - it is similar to the sedan.

Double Cab Ute Hail Cover

The larger sedan covers could be used but in most, if not all, double-cab utes, an SUV cover will be better.

While not a perfect solution, the SUV cover will give your double cab ute the protection you are looking for.

Hail protection cover for utes - important note

It's easy to google "Toyota Hilux double cab 2019 length" to find out the length of your ute. In most cases you'd find that this particular vehicle is 4.820m long suggesting that the SUV Premium Hail Cover for up to 4.9m long may be a perfect fit!

Ultimate Hail Protection cover - Car Covers and Shelter

DANGER - Very few owners of this vehicle will not have a tow bar or even bull bars fitted. A tow bar and bull bars can increase the total length of your vehicle by as much as 500mm if its a big set of bull bars. You must look at the total length of your vehicle and add the length of any attachments like tow bar or bull bars to the length.

In most cases a 4.820m Toyota Hilux double cab will actually need the 5.4m extra large 4WD Hail Protection cover to fit over these accessories for a good fit.

A Ford Ranger is 5.362m long so if bull bars are fitted, the largest SUV (5.4m) may not be large enough. If it is just a little over because of a tow bar, the 5.4m could still be used but it may not fit over the tow bar at the rear.

Hail Protection cover for hatchback

Again, there is no specific hail protection cover for hatchbacks. However, for full hail protection, a sedan cover will always work.  Check the length of your car (measure or just ask google) and choose the cover longer than the length of your hatchback.

It is common to have a hatchback around 4.1m long and we are often asked if the "up to 4m" cover will fit. The answer is "NO". Even if you are just a few millimetres longer, you must go up to the next available size - in this case the "up to 4.44m Premium Hail sedan cover".

A sedan has a boot so you must expect a little bump at the back of your hatchback when it is fitted; the bump where the boot on a sedan would be.

Standard Hail Cover, Premium Hail Cover or Ultimate Hail Cover?

Premium Hail Protection Cover

We always suggest the Premium hail cover, particularlt for low profile cars like some coupes and also for higher vehicles like SUV's. The Premium Hail cover has padding on top and down the sides to protect the windows. In most cases this is all the protection you will require.

Premium Hail Protection Cover - Car Covers and Shelter

Ultimate Hail Protection Cover for utes

The Ultimate hail protection cover is fully padded to protect your whole vehicle. The padding makes a hail protection cover quite bulky and certainly on low-profile cars, it is really an over-kill to protect the whole car. The premium will cover to below your windows on a low profile vehicle so save some money and go for the premium, its probably all you need. It's slightly different with high vehicles like SUV's but basically the Ultimate will be protecting your wheels and tyres - again probably a bit "over-kill" for an SUV. The Premium Hail Cover is more than adequate to protect most SUV's.

Standard Hail Cover for utes

The Standard Hail cover is an excellent cover for those in areas where severe hail storms are rare. It is also a good "emergency cover" for keeping in the back of your vehicle in the event you are caught outside in a hail storm. It has full padded protection over the top of your vehicle only but has no side protection for windows.

Standard Hail Protection Cover - Car Covers and Shelter

It is much less 'bulky" than the Premium and Ultimate but has the same 6mm padded protection for the roof only.