Shed and Garage Kits

Shed and Garage Kits - Professional Choice Range - The best available in Australia


    Shed and Garage Kits - The Professional Choice differences

    Custom made for you in any size and any wind region

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    Special features make this the best steel installations in Australia

    Professional Choice sheds and garages are designed to be lined (lining not included in price) and can be engineered, at little or no extra cost, to have the strength to retrofit solar panels on the roof. Most sheds and garages available in Australia aren't structurally sound enough to support any additional weight. 

    Give yourself even more storage space by installing a custom-made Mezzanine Floor from Professional Choice.

    “Solar Ready” allows for an additional dead load of 20 kg/m2 on top of the structure allowing the necessary strength to install solar panels. 

    Professional Choice Shed and Garage kits

    Everything is customisable to the millimeter.  You can use all colours, add translucent or transparent roof sheets, PA Doors, Windows, Whirlybirds, Insulation, etc.

    Slab Size: If you order a 6000 x 9000, the shed will be built to that slab size.  The steel frame and cladding extend past and over the slab for waterproofing.

    Roller Doors – The doors are defined by the size by the actual clearance of the opening with the roller door completely open and its drum at its maximum diameter.  With nearly all others shed manufacturers you will ‘loose’ around 300mm clearance with a door drum under-hang.

    Your parts Schedule is an intelligent Bill of Materials designed to be read alongside the engineering Designs, so that you or the installers have the parts as you need them.  You will see that the designs set a new benchmark in the industry.  All designs satisfy both the Australian Standards and the Manufacturer's Specifications.


    is the best Australian steel and Australian made Sheds and garages available - up to 40% more mass in the same size shed and NO wastage of steel in the Professional choice designs - Guaranteed to be fully up to all Australian standards.