Discover Australia's Best Hail Protector Car Covers for Ultimate Vehicle Safety

Hail Protection Covers, Best selling in Australia

Widest range of car coverings in Australia, best service at the best prices!

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Hail Protection Covers, Best selling in Australia car covered for all weather protection.

You should find an Autotecnica Hail Damage Prevention cover in all sizes for every sedan and SUV/4WD on the Australia's roads.

New Hail Armour Car Cover

Have an emergency hail protection inflatable cover in your boot at all times. The new Hail Armour cover, available only in Australia, takes around 4 minutes to install and inflate. You can be sure your vehicle is protected with Hail Armour.

Hail Protection Covers, Best selling in Australia

Choosing the best car cover for your car - generic cover or custom over- Hail Protection Car Cover: How to Find the Best One?

Choosing the best car cover for your car and here is the best-Selling Hail Protection Covers in Australia.

    Why do you need TO KEEP YOUR CAR COVERED? Check here Sydney Summer 2021 Nine News - one of our many hailstorms.

      Hail Protection Covers, Best selling in Australia

      All good car covers have an outer protective fabric and an inner soft-plush fabric to ensure the paintwork is protected. These covers are no different. However, between these 2 layers on the top of the car covers, there is a third layer of 6mm thick compressed polyester. It is this layer that protects your car from hailstones, even relatively large hail.

      Hail Storms - KEEP YOUR CAR COVERED

      In a hailstone storm, the very strong winds which often accompany the storm mean that the hailstones don't drop vertically from the sky - in the worst of storms they seem to be coming down from the side - horizontally!

      The Premium and Ultimate Hail Covers will protect your side windows as the 6mm compressed polyester comes down the side and over the windows. 

      The all-weather protection offered by these covers will protect your vehicle from all the Australian climate can throw at you! Rain-proof protects from the sun with UV protection, and protects against dirt bumps and scratches.

      All three Hail Protection Car Covers; waterproof car cover offer:-

      • Special Soft Plush, Non-Abrasive plus, soft-lining backing fabric
      • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays
      • 6mm compressed polyester on top for hail protection
      • Double stitched high resistant P.E waterproof fabrics
      • All feature security holding straps and elastic hems for a secure fit
      • Sizes available for most passenger & 4wd vehicles
      • All are fitted with 4 Anti-Condensation air breathers
      • 1 year warranty

       All covers have elastic edges and tie-downs to hold them firmly in place.

      UTE Hail Protection Covers - best covers for car

      Sedan covers (single cab ute) or SUV covers (double cab) will protect your Utes. These covers will protect your vehicle from Hail. The only special double-cab ute cover is the 35/132 double cab ute cover

      For more information on hail covers for Utes please read here.

      Outdoor Car Bubbles for Hail Protection - Keeps your car covered

      Outdoor Car Bubble Collection for Sedans, SUV's Utes and motorcycles is a good way to protect a valuable vehicle from all the Australian Climate can throw at you. Particularly if you have a very valuable vehicle or a loved classic car, the Car Bubble is the way to go so read more about car bubbles on the car bubble page.