Why do I need a Car Cover?

Why do I need a Car Cover? Why a Car Cover?  The first thing that must be said about car covers – they are a great protection for your car. They’ll increase the life of your car, they’ll keep your car clean and protect it from the harsh Australian sun.

If you are just going to buy a cheap PVC or plastic cover, you may be doing your vehicle harm! Sure, they’ll give you some protection from the elements but because they are cheap, they’ll fall apart quickly. Under Australia’s extremely high UV sunlight, they’ll cause scratching to your paint work. They are also likely to hold in moisture which can actually accelerate corrosion.

Autotecnica Range

All of the car cover fabrics are fully breathable and can be left on your car for extended periods of time; they allow the condensation to escape and have breather vents built into them. Even these high quality covers should be removed from your vehicle every month or so to allow airflow and full moisture release ... and of course, while maybe a little more expensive, you can expect the same exceptional quality and breathability from all of our car cover range.


You want to easily take care of your pride and joy through the harsh Australian summer sun? Then it might be time to invest in a quality car cover! They can protect your car’s paint job from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. Read on to find out how the many, many ways they can help!

Not everyone has a garage, and some modern cars are often too big to fit in older ones! A car cover can be really useful for keeping your car protected from the elements. If you just have a carport, look at the hours the sun is hitting your paintwork throughout the day! We’ve got a great selection of car covers to suit all sorts of cars, so you can get the right amount of coverage.

Why do I need a Car Cover? Keeping the sun off - Covers for Car

Next time you pass a few cars, look at how many have lost the top coats of paint all together. It just takes a couple of years of full sun exposure to see your vehicle’s paintwork start to bubble and peel. Particularly if you are one of the many who just can’t find the time to be polishing your car regularly! Always use a good quality car polish regularly. Your deco simply ‘burns off’ in the harsh UV rays of a hot sun. We’ve got a great selection of car covers to suit all sorts of cars. You can get the right amount of coverage and protection from the sun f.om our range.

Why do I need a Car Cover? Keeping the hail stones off - Cover for the Car

Most of the most expensive natural disasters in Australia have been caused by hail stones. As the climate changes, these hail showers are becoming more common. The hail seems to be getting larger and the 'hail season" is extending.

Hail can wreck a car in a few minutes. It will smash windscreens and dent panels that can never be fully perfect again. While a standard storm-proof car cover will give some protection, it is really necessary to cover. If you want to be fully confident that your car ids fully protected then the Cover is really necessary. At over $200 you might think these expensive, but ask yourself, “how much panel repair work could I get for $200? Yes, it’s a great investment to protect your precious vehicle.

  Keeping the frost off - Covers for car

Small, simple car covers are great in high areas or colder conditions. Car Covers will cover your car and windscreen on cold nights, and save you the job of scraping your windscreen in the morning!  

  Whole car covers - Why keep your car covered?

If you want to look after your whole car’s paintwork, it’s time to look at a car cover. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this:

  • Dust and dirt – so you don’t end up with a film of grime even when you haven’t used the car!
  • Tree sap – as you might already know, this can be a nightmare to clean.
  • Bird droppings – enough said!
  • Vandalism – a car cover provides an extra barrier that a potential thief or vandal will have to get through to get at your car.
  • The sun – direct sunlight can cause your car’s paintwork to fade, turning your nice red car pink! A car cover can also keep the car underneath cool.

Need even more protection for your car? 

Our car covers go even further. They’re made of a waterproof and breathable material, keeping the rain off your car and letting condensation evaporate. This means that water won’t sit on your car and cause damage to the paint or rust exposed metal parts. They also come with their own storage bags for when you’re out driving! If you want to make sure that your car is looked after while it’s not being used, they’re hard to beat.

  Fitting a car cover

How to Buy Car Covers

We have a wide range of car covers suitable for a wide range of conditions from rain, storm, sun protection to indoor use. To find the right car cover for you first decide what you would like to protect your car from, then pick a style which suits the type of car you have e.g. UTE, wagon, sedan 4x4/4wd or hatch. Now the only thing left to do is pick which size. We recommend you pick a length which is slightly longer than your car.

How They Work

They are made from high durable materials able to withstand the elements and protection your car from damage they are much like a large tarp or tent shaped to fit your car loosely. Autotecnica car covers are fastened by straps and an elastic skirting with a smooth inside lining so as not to damage your vehicle’s paintwork. Importantly they are all breathable and have venting to allow air flow.

cover for the car logo    Our Range of Car Covers

Our range of Autotecnica car covers are perfect for a huge range of vehicles and conditions. Autotecnica covers are built to the highest quality and will last many years, the covers come with a bag for easy storage and transport.

You will find a car cover to fit your specific model of car – just google your car and find out its length and order one that is no shorter than the length stipulated. Some covers come in sizes like small, medium and large. When you fit a cover to your car, look for one that fits snugly and won’t flap around in the wind. That way, you’ll avoid the cover itself causing any damage to your paintwork although Autotecnica covers do have soft cover lining inside.

Lastly, never put a cover on a dirty car! Dirt trapped between the cover and your car can cause scratches to the paint.

Want to know more about looking after your car? To look at our range of car covers and make sure your four wheeled friend is protected all year round head over to our shop!