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Putting on your new car cover


How to fit a car5 cover - Car Covers and Shelter
How to fold a car cover - Car Covers and Shelter

Whether its a generic car cover from Autotecnica or one of our Custom Tailor made, custom fit covers -  it's good to know how to put on the cover properly.

This little video below demonstrates the best way to install a car cover and equally importantly, how to take one off and fold it.

Fitting a car cover

We have a wide range of car covers suitable for a wide range of conditions fromHow to install or pack a car cover, putting on your new car cover - Car Covers and Shelter rain, storm, sun protection to indoor use. To find the right car cover for you first decide what you would like to protect your car from, then pick a style which suits the type of car you have e.g. UTE, wagon, sedan 4x4/4wd or hatch. Now the only thing left to do is pick which size. We recommend you pick a length which is slightly longer than your car, or if you really want something special, choose the fabric you want and have a custom made custom fit cover.

How Car Covers Work

Car covers are made from high durable materials able to withstand the elements and protection your car from damage they are much like a large tarp or tent shaped to fit your car loosely. Autotecnica and some Custom made car covers are fastened by straps and an elastic skirting with a smooth inside lining so as to lessen the chance of damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. Importantly they are all breathable and have venting to allow air flow.

A car cover should not be placed on a dirty, dusty or wet car as this can cause damage to the paintwork.

 Basically, the best way to put on a cover is by starting at the sides, pulling the car cover down over the sides, and then pulling it down over the back bumper then the front bumper. The process shouldn't take any more than a minute or so once you know what you are doing. To ensure that dust particles, which can damage paintwork, are not caught between the cover and your paintwork, you should dust off your vehicle every time before installing.

The car cover should be put away the same way in reverse. Off with the car cover from the front and back bumpers, (pull out from side-mirror pockets if fitted), then fold in half over the roof and fold up.

Hail Proof Car Covers

With the larger hail covers, they can be a bit more tricky. We suggest laying them long ways on a clean floor area, fold length-ways in half, then roll up quite tightly - almost like a tent for those of you with camping experience. The nature of a hail protection covers, which must have good thick padding, it is difficult to fold the covers tightly. The Ultimate Hail cover is very difficult to fold back into its bag.