Portable Carports and Car Shades

Portable Carports and Car Shade Structures and Horse and Animal Shelters

Portable Carports and Car Shade Structures, includes Horse and Animal Shelters that will offer good protection. They are easy-to-install and relatively inexpensive. Prices here include delivery to nearest depot for most Australians. We are unable to supply to WA and a freight levy applies for NT and Tasmania. Full video and instructions shows how easy they are to install!

There are two types, "Wrapped" and "Vertical". The vertical edition is well worth the extra as they are stronger. Most portable carports are not designed for permanent use and are constructed with imported mild steel.

Single Portable Carports, Double Portable Carports and Triple Portable Carports

You will find a wide range of dimensions here to suit most commercial and residential carport needs. All portable carports are available in 3 popular colours.

Protect your vehicle quickly and easily from Australia’s harshest weather conditions with these popular portable Carport Kits.

Portable Carports and Car Shades

Protect your household assets like motor vehicles, caravans, motor homes, horse floats, boats, camper trailers, machinery or even the horses and animals themselves.

Designed to suit a variety of commercial and residential purposes , all portable carports come with easy-to-read plans and an excellent video with assembly instructions.

No need for a concrete slab

You do not need a concrete slab! Easily transported and install on to bare earth. Anchoring options are available for all surfaces. REMEMBER to choose your preferred anchors in the accessories list below the product. Bolts for concrete installation come included at no additional cost with the kits. 

Portable Carport Kits - Portable Carports and Car Shades

As the name implies, these are not intended for permanent installation, they are portable. Many local councils do not require permission to install temporary structures but you must check with your local council for yourself before purchasing.

Portable Shade Sheds - Portable Carports and Car Shades

Almost a garage! Portable shade sheds are like the carports but have full sides for added protection.

Portable Horse Shelter or Animal Shelter

Cheap and easy-to-erect horse shelter or animal shelters. If you want side protection for your animals, have a look at the portable shade sheds.

 Looking for a more permanent Carport?

The Budget Carport range are not classed as "transportable carports" or "Portable Carports" but they can be dis-assembled relatively quickly and re-installed elsewhere. Budget carports come complete with base plates for installation on top of concrete pads or a concrete slab.

(1) Budget Single Carport

(2) Budget Double Carport

(3) Budget single Gable carport

(4) Budget Double Gable Carport