Professional Choice Carports, Sheds and Mezzanine floors are simply the best available in Australia.

Are you exploring sheds and carport or a new mezzanine floor options in Australia?

At Car Covers and Shelter, you have now found the best and strongest mezzanine floor kit, sheds and carport choices to suit every requirement and budget. The Professional Choice carport sheds and mezzanine floor kits are simply the strongest and easiest to install in Australia . The fact that they are 30% - 40% more in mass (weight) than any others should tell you something! Any sizes you need are available in Skillion, Gable, Dutch Gable or Hip Roof design. With the wide range of carport designs in Australia, you are sure to find something that suits your property.

Mezzanines are designed to your exact measurements and made locally with 100% Australian high-tensile steel.

Ask for a quote and your proposal will show you exactly how to install and show the quality All- Australian high tensile steel being used.

With these sheds, mezzanines and carports, you design your own carport, shed or mezzanine floor kit to any size and colours you want! Carports and sheds can be built strong enough to support the retrofit of solar panels to turn your shed or carport into an energy-producing garden space!

 STRONG AND HEAVY Carports in Australia 

Most sheds, carports and mezzanines in Australia are much lighter than Professional Choice. These others are barely capable of holding their own weight! You can't safely add anything as most are designed below the existing Australian Standards. You'll never see a Professional Choice Carport, Shed or mezzanine blow away in a high wind or 'vibrate' as others do.


All Professional Choice site-specific engineering is accompanied by full certification,(for your local council), State-of -the-art installation plans with Q-Reader video assistance, Bill of materials, Production Drawings.

State-of-the-art engineering makes installation a breeze. Problem in installation? Simply scan the QR Code with any smartphone camera and watch the video for that connection. No confusion, mistakes, or downtime

Professional Choice is the strongest commercially available range of carports, sheds and mezzanine floor kits available in Australia, and almost unbelievable as this may sound, probably the only carport made to Australian Standard!


Solar-Ready allows an additional 20kg per square m load which will be necessary for any cladding or solar panel additions. Be surprised at how affordable Professional Choice is:- Simply the best at the best prices.



There are several benefits of installing carports in Australia.

  • They offer an affordable way to create a structure around your home to give extra shelter for vehicles or entertainment.
  • Carports are cheaper to install than a garage.
  • There are different options available offering amazing design flexibility for vehicles or entertainment.
  • Carports are cheaper to install than a garage.
  • You can choose DIY carport kits to lower the cost

Any height you need! If you are placing an order for a carport, make sure to check the specific clearance required for your vehicles. The height of the ‘low-end” determines the clearance for the vehicle and not the peak height. If you are unsure, discuss your requirements with an expert before choosing the carport height.

Solar carports serve dual purposes. Apart from sheltering the vehicle, the structure of the carport also supports solar panels that function to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. A much cheaper alternative is to buy a solar-ready carport and fit panels on the roof.

Professional Choice Carports are the strongest available in Australia. On average, they are 30-40% more mass than any competitors. Most of this is because they are made of Australian high tensile steel and not lighter and weaker imported mild steel. Apart from offering protection to the vehicle, the carports can be used to generate electricity from the sun’s rays as they can be strong enough to hold solar panels. This SHOULD NOT be done with most carports available in Australia .

Carports can be designed to match the environment in which they need to be installed. There is the choice to design carports to accommodate any number of vehicles.