Custom Fit Car Covers

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Car Covers and Shelter now offer:-

  • access to a range of Custom Car Covers in Australia 
  • save on our free shipping policy

Custom Fit Car Covers delivered in less than 3 weeks

  •     4 great fabrics to choose from plus a Ready-Fit Custom indoor cover
  •     Car Covers and Shelter can have a cover made for most makes and models
  •     Great fabrics to suit your needs with free car manufacturer logo if wanted.
  •     Showroom covers and "Reveal Car Covers" for Showrooms.

Custom Car Covers are the second best protection you can give your vehicle. For very special cars, it is worth looking at our range of car bubbles (click this link) - the very best protection you can give a vehicle either outdoor or indoor.

Custom fit car covers are made for sedan covers, hatchback covers, ute covers, hot rod covers, limo covers, sedan covers, station wagon covers and SUV covers.

Covers are designed for indoor use or outdoor use. The outdoor car cover fabric can be used as an indoor or outdoor car cover.

Indoor car cover fabrics, however, are not suitable for outside storage car covers.

Fabric Range

We are gradually building the car cover fabric range, starting with the most popular car cover fabrics.

Each car cover fabric is described but as a general rule cars which are always garaged would be best using a car cover made from the soft indoor car cover fabrics. There is a good range of light, indoor car cover fabrics to choose and all are available in a range of colours. 

Outdoor Custom Fit Covers

Cars requiring protection from the elements obviously should be covered with an outdoor car cover fabric. This specialist fabrics has been designed for long term storage conditions and is breathable. It will not offer hail stone protection.

Why Buy a Custom Fit Car Cover

Car enthusiasts really want a more "perfect fit" for the car cover being used to protect their pride and joy.  Back in the 1960's, the most popular covers were for British and European sports cars - called  "mittens".  Today, custom covers are made for everything from kit cars to prestige and luxury cars.

While the outdoor car cover fabric can be used indoors as well, its primary function is to provide protection from the elements when the vehicle is parked outdoors - Rain, UV, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. 

Custom Car Cover dimension sheets for your special vehicle

As it is a bespoke custom car cover for your vehicle, we do need you to give us your measurements. The measurements you provide will be used to create the custom pattern for your application.  We can accommodate bull bars, roof racks, spoilers or winches, we'll custom make the pattern to fit your vehicle.

  •     Remember, UV Damages BOTH Interior & Exterior
  •     Covers Protect ALL the Vehicle's Exposed Surface
  •     Custom Covers Follow Exact Contours of your vehicle

There are no returns for custom made covers, so be careful and exact in giving us your measurements.