Hip Roof Patio or Carports - Professional Choice

  • $4,439.00

Professional Choice Logo   100% Australian made with Australian steel

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Hip Roof Carports: Enhance Your Space with Style and Functionality

The professional's choice - locally made

Best Price and strongest Hip Roof carports available – Australian made and now strong enough for solar panels!

Custom made for you in any size and any wind region.


NOTE - prices on this site are a guide for standard wind Region A with Spandek or Trimdek roof - Custom Orb is also available. Prices here are a good guide for similar size and different region. Solar-ready is also available. See also Gable roof carports.

These are simply the best carports available in Australia. The fact that they are 30% - 40% more in mass (weight) than any others should tell you something.

Ask for a quote and your proposal will show you exactly what your layout is and describe the quality BlueScope steel being used.

Start with a 3 x 3 beautiful little Gazebo for your garden for under $4000.00.

Full details at Professional Choice Sheds.com.au  

Hip Roof Patio or Carports - Professional Choice - Available in Square Roof or Rectangular Roof

A Hip roof profile can either be square or rectangular. There is not a lot of 'space' to attach solar panels on a square hip roof but it is possible to add a few to a rectangular hip roof - see roof profiles below:-

Square roof hip carport - professional Choice Sheds               Rectangular hip roof - Professdional Choice Sheds

Your engineering plans are 'state-of-the art' - 36 pages of instruction and each joint has a Q-Reader where you can use any smart phone to view a video of how things go together.

All of these carports are designed to be lined (lining not included in price). Most carports available in Australia aren't structurally sound enough to support the additional weight of lining.  

At a small extra cost these carports can be manufactured “Solar Ready” which allows for an addition dead load of 20 kg/m2 on the roof of the structure allowing the strength to install solar panels.

What our customers say - Hip Roof Patio or Carports - Professional Choice

"Gary - very impressed with the quality, strength and easiness of installation. The instructions were very concise and easy to follow. "

"Kurt - It took me about 4 hours to install by myself including (some) cutting and re-drilling ..... very easy to put together and a strong product"

"Cor - It’s beautiful and the workmanship from (my installer) is second to none."

 phone – 0421 924 150 or email info@carcoversandshelter.com.au for a quote.

Fully Customisable to your design

Reliable Every Step of the Way

  • Instantly accessible, clear, comprehensive instruction

  • Free design advice and quote

  • 100% Australian high tensile steel

  • Delivery Australia wide

  • Solar ready Available

  • Locally made custom sheds designed for you


Specifications - Hip Roof Patio or Carports - Professional Choice

  • High Australian quality steel, make and design
  • Posts are all 100 x 100 SHS Duragal – gauge varies depending on the design requirements
  • C channel rafters and purlins are also dynamically calculated.
    Professional Choice skillion joint Car Covers and Shelter
  • Colorbond for Cladding and flashings. Use any Colorbond Type (e.g. Ultra or Matt) or Colorbond colour.- Note: Trimdeck roof only requires 2 degree pitch but Custom Orb will require a 5% pitch. See Colorbond Colour chart in photographs to choose your colours.
  • 7 Prices shown on popular sizes gives you an idea. 

Call us to get a custom price on your exact dimensions for your wind area. They are made to measure for you.

    Your Construction Documentation Set includes:

      • Bill of Materials so you can make sure everything is on site before sending the crew. No wasted man-hours;
      • Engineering Designs & Connection Details that set a new benchmark for the industry. No lost time trying to figure out how a detail works
      • Production Drawings
      • Engineering Certificate and all state certification provided.

    Connection Details are one per page – clear, uncluttered and easy to understand.

    Skillion joint Professional Choice carport - Car Covers and Shelter

    Easy scan QR Code makes installation easy!

    Problem in installation? Simply scan the QR Code with any smartphone camera and watch the video for that connection. No confusion. No mistakes. No downtime.



    Further information - Hip Roof Patio or Carports - Professional Choice

    • All brackets and components are pre-folded and pre-punched holes, for ease of assembly
    • All fasteners and fixings supplied, including coloured roofing screws and pop rivets for your roof sheets, gutters and flashing
    • Steel Columns – 100mm x 100mm (gauges with design demands) Square Hollow Section Duragal, perfect for harsh Australian conditions

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