All Car Covers Australia - indoor, outdoor, hail protection - Protect and Preserve Your Vehicle with Quality Covers

All Car Covers Australia - indoor, outdoor, hail protection - Protect and Preserve Your Vehicle with Quality Covers

All Car Covers - indoor, outdoor, hail protection - widest range of car coverings in Australia, best service at the best prices! (Click the titles to go to the page).

You are given the choice of All Car Covers - indoor, outdoor, hail protection. All indoor car covers, outdoor car covers, hail protection car covers, and motorcycle covers from the Autotecnica car cover range. Also Custom Made Car Covers. For full weather protection of your vehicle in Australia, we recommend the Hail Protection Car Covers. In particular, have a look at the most popular car cover in Australia. Have a look at the most popular car cover in Australia, the Premium Hail Protection car cover.

Custom Made car covers

If you really care about your car, then invest in a Custom-Made Car Cover, guaranteed to give you the perfect fit and our range are the least expensive you'll find in Australia. You can buy car cover here with confidence.

Got a classic or prestige car that you really want to look after? Have a look at the Car Bubble range for an environmentally controlled capsule for outdoors and indoor bubbles.


All Car Covers - indoor, outdoor, hail protection

This large range of indoor and outdoor Premium Car Bubbles, Premium SUV bubbles, Ute Bubbles and Motorcycle Bubbles are exclusive to Car Covers and Shelter and the best value Car Covers in Australia. If you are looking for a cheap car cover that still maintains good quality, our selection will meet your needs.

The Autotecnica range

The Autotecnica range of car covers has something to protect all vehicles from small saloon car covers, ute car covers to large SUV covers either inside showroom covers or outdoor Ultimate hail covers. Look for good quality car covers in our Autotecnica range.

Quality showroom cover

Looking for a quality showroom cover for your very special vehicle? Try the new Concourse D'Elegance range. If you need full protection from Australian weather extremes, we recommend the Autotecnica Premium Hail Car Cover Protector:

    • Full protection of car duco and interior from plush soft lining
    • Full UV protection
    • 6mm compressed polyester on top and Window for all-round hail protection
    • Double stitched high resistant P.E waterproof fabrics ensure long life for your cover and your car
    • Features security holding straps and elastic hems for a secure, snug fit
    • Added side hail protection for windows   


Most of these features are common to all Autotecnica quality covers. The standard hail protection cover is similar without the side protection. If you want full coverage, then the Ultimate hail protection range is the best cover for your vehicle.   

UV protection is best with a reflective cover. Most of this car cover range comes in silver/grey which ensures good reflection from the already UV proof materials.

All Autotecnica covers come with a minimum one-year warranty and many have up to 3-year warranty. Warranty is supplied by Autotecnica.


Custom-designed Carports and garages are available through Professional Choice Sheds. If you're in need of car cover Australia, we've got you covered!