Solar-Ready Carports

Solar-Ready Carports

Solar-Ready Carports - First business in Australia to offer a residential solar carport. We now offer a custom made choice of skillion (flat roof),gable, Dutch Gable or Hip roof custom made carports strong enough to fit solar panels on the roof.

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Solar and Solar-Ready Carports

For much more information on Solar ready and Solar Carports, go to our sister website Solarcarportsonline.

The unique Solar Carports come in Single bay or double bay designs. No customisation is possible with solar carports, what you see is what you get.


Solar-ready option, strong enough for solar panels on the roof! The option of having a carport built at the same price or less as a 'standard' carport but built with the strength in engineering to support the weight of solar panels. This is another Australian break-through in carport design.

You can choose size - width, length, height and colour(s) for your Skillion (flat roof) or Gable, Dutch Gable or Hip roof carport. We can supply a carport kit engineered with the strength to retro-fit a roof-top solar system of your choice.

Save money

A 'proper' solar carport is very efficient and 'different' but very expensive.  Under $3000 can supply a single bay solar-ready skillion carport. $3000 or less will supply and fit a solar panel system by a local solar expert. This means you can have a single carport with a solar system retro-installed for thousands of dollars less than a single solar carport. The savings on a double solar-ready carport will be even greater.


Solar-ready carport installation is DIY - (or we can help organise an installer in most cases). Solar Carports must be installed by a licenced professional.