Cantilever Carports and Awnings

Looking for a spectacular patio or awning or a carport to stun the neighbourhood? Cantilever carport kits can be used as patios or gazebos, as swimming pool shade, bus shelters or anywhere on your property that requires shade.

All Cantaport kits can be joined together to make them twice the size or more! Special connection Kits allow in-line connection (tandem); M connection (dome) or Y connection (gull wing).

Cantaports by Car Covers and Shelter

The Cantaport Carport Kits are precision made Japanese design and construction and are very superior to other copied imports. The roof of a Cantaport is a very special polycarbonate, only available to Cantaport.

1. Precision made,virtually no cutting or drilling necessary 

2. Amazing Polycarbonate roof in Blue Smoke is - Exceptional strength, polycarbonate solid sheet with impact ability 250-300 times of that of glass

3. Keeps out 83% of the sun's heat but lets in over 50% of the light

4. 99.9% UV resistant.

5. Fireproof

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Installation Services

With the exception of solar carport kits, all carports come in easy to install DIY carportSecure Site Car Covers and Shelter kits. If you need help finding an installer, contact us by email and we can usually recommend someone in your area. It's also easy to find someone yourself - to get 3 quotes from qualified builders in your area click here.  Just enter your postcode and type "install a carport kit" and you'll soon have quotes! Remember in the quote detail to say - "no cutting or drilling, just screw and bolt together"!


Cantaport Cantilever awnings and carports, don't be fooled with cheap imitations - Car Covers and Shelter