Benefits of a Custom-Fit Car Cover

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A custom-fit car cover is an important investment for any vehicle owner so let’s look at the benefits of a Custom-Fit Car Cover. There are many benefits to having a custom-fit car cover. You get a perfect fit for protection from the elements, theft deterrent, and eventually an increased resale value.

Custom Car Cover made especially for your car.

A custom-fit car cover is made to fit the specific make, model, and year of your vehicle. This ensures that your car cover will protect your vehicle perfectly from sun, rain, snow, and ice. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can’t make padded hail protection custom covers but you will find a range here.  

The Benefits of a Custom-Fit Car Cover - Mazda RX7 with custom cover

A custom-fit car cover is also an excellent theft deterrent. A custom-fit car cover will make it more difficult for a thief to steal your car. It proven that thieves tend to leave cars with a cover alone. Why go to the extra bother when there are plenty of cars around without a cover!

A custom-fit car cover will also help to increase the resale value of your car. This is because a custom-fit car cover will protect your car’s paint job, interior, and exterior from the elements.

Custom -Fit car covers are easy to install with your own printed logo.

A custom-fit car cover is easy to install and remove. They provide a snug fit that will keep your car protected from dust and scrapes if it’s an indoor cover and the elements if it is an outdoor car cover.

Custom-fit car covers are designed to provide a wing mirror pockets and body kit exact fits, if necessary, and they will always be ‘breathable.” This will allow air to move and keep your car from ‘sweating.’ The covers are crafted from durable and flexible materials that are designed to resist tears and wearing. Additionally, the covers can be easily installed and removed. A custom make also allows you tocustomize your car with your very own printed logo.

A custom-fit car cover helps ensure a more secure fit. There will be no cover movement, so it provides a better level of protection compared to generic/non-fitted covers.

Precise Fit for Maximum Protection 

For optimal protection, custom-fit car covers provide a precise, snug fit that covers your car exactly. This applies no matter its make, model, shape, or size. The precise fit prevents any dust and dirt from getting underneath the cover and thus, protects your car’s paint job from damage.

Another benefit of a custom-fit car cover is that it does not dislodge during extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, storms, or blizzards.

The Benefits of a Custom-Fit Car Cover - Dihatsu Midget with custom Cover

Overall, a custom-fit car cover is a cost-effective way to keep your car looking brand-new while ensuring maximum protection.

Indoor or Outdoor Custom Fit Car Cover

Custom-fit car covers are available in a variety of materials and colours to match your specific needs.

Most customers with a valuable vehicle will have a secure indoor storage area so the indoor custom fit car covers are by far the most popular.

The high-quality car cover fabrics used are designed to provide superior protection wither indoor or outdoor.

The availability of diverse materials and colours in custom-fit car covers makes it easier to find the perfect car cover that best suits your car, its colour, and your budget.

All of Car Covers and Shelter custom-fit car covers are made of breathable materials. This makes it possible to protect the car and still allow air circulation. This is also useful essential when it comes to protecting the car’s exterior and interior by preventing condensation to build up.

Custom-fit car covers are designed to provide ultimate durability, making them long-lasting and washable so you can maintain them easily and use them for years. This is a cost-effective way of keeping your car looking showroom-new for many years.

Investing in a custom-fit car cover

Investing in a custom-fit car cover is a major decision that will help protect your investment and keep your car looking new for years to come. As they are made specifically to fit your car, they are a lot more expensive than mass-produced generic covers.

With a custom-fit car cover specifically designed for your car, you will get the exact size and fit you need, making sure the cover is secure and your car looks great even under a cover!

When selecting a custom-fit car cover, you must ensure you choose the right fabric. Car Covers and Shelter will ensure the right fitting sizes. We will not proceed to make your cover until we see a photograph to ensure that everything is considered for a perfect fit.

A custom-fit car cover is not only a terrific way to protect your car, but it is also a fantastic way to show off your vehicle to car aficionados. It will still look great with a custom fit cover on, displaying your own chosen logo!

 Your best Choice fabric for an Indoor Custom-Made Car Cover

 The custom-made bespoke velvet indoor car cover is described by customers as ‘the best car cover available in Australia.” It is usual for collectors and enthusiasts to order one then re-order for the rest of their collection. It comes in four great colours and the stretch velvet sheen gives a perfect look to your asset.

Your best Choice fabric for an outdoor Custom-Made Car Cover - The Benefits of a Custom-Fit Car Cover

The custom-made outdoor car cover in PU fabric is a perfect outdoor cover for your vehicle. The small disadvantage to a breathable cover is that it can only be weatherproof and not completely waterproof. A Waterproof cover would also mean that the cover cannot breathe. With its leather-look sheen and body-hugging qualities, the PU custom cover will show your vehicle at its best.

For more information on a custom-made cover for your vehicle, look at the links here or feel free to call Car Covers and Shelter.

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