Benefits of a Kit Carport

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Kit carports are a great investment for any homeowner so let’s look at the benefits of a kit carport. They offer several benefits that you can't get with other types of carports or patios: -\

Choice in Kit Carports

All types of carport design can be supplied as a kit carport. Whether you want: -

  1. A skillion (flat roof) kit carport
    Benefits of a Kit Carport - Installing a Budget Carport kit
  2. the Gable Roof kit carport
  3. the Dutch Gable Kit carport
  4. A hip roof carport

They can all be supplied as a kit carport to your exact specification.

Freestanding Kit Carport Prices

A Budget Single Flat roof can be delivered to your nearest depot for just $1298.00

The Double Budget can be purchased for $1999.00

A Lysaght Lite single will be delivered to your door for $2361.00

The Lysaght double delivered price is just $3285.00

Cantaport kits start from $4049 delivered to your local depot.

Professional Choice custom made carport kits start from $3939 delivered to your door.

The least expensive carports can be supplied as kit carports. You can also order a custom design in any form you wish. The less expensive carports are all made to order but the price is kept low as they are off-the-shelf designs. This means that you can’t alter the dimensions in any way.

The most popular off-the-shelf kit carports are: -

Budget flat roof single carport kit.

Budget flat roof double carport kit.

Lysaght Lite single Skillion carport kit.

Lysaght Lite double skillion carport kit.

Cantaport Cantilever Kit Carports

There are also two options for Gable roof carport kits: -

The Budget Single Gable Carport kit.

Benefits of a Kit Carport - Cantaport single Carport

The Budget Double Gable carport Kit.

There are many options for the Cantaport Kit Carports. These can also be joined together to make double, triple, or multi-bay carports.

All Dutch Gable kit carports and Hip Roof kit carports are custom designs to your exact preferences. Obviously, if the size of the off-the-shelf kit carports, mentioned above, are unsuitable, a custom design kit can be supplied.


A kit carport is easy to install, and you can do it yourself, preferably with the help of a friend. You don't need any specific skills -it's a DIY project that can be completed by anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills. If you have experience installing other types of buildings (like sheds), then this will be even easier for you!

The installation process can take as little as one day. In many cases a first day is spent concreting in the posts and a second day will see the installation completed.

Cost-effective - Benefits of a Kit Carport

A kit carport is cheaper than a pre-built carport. Most portable carport kits are pre-constructed and quite easy to ‘slide’ together. This makes them much more expensive than a standard kit carport.

The standard kit carport comes with all parts necessary, including bolts and screws. You will also be given easy-to-follow instructions. All parts are usually pre-cut and pre-drilled, so it’s just a case of putting it together. A pre-constructed carport is a lot more expensive and fewer screws and bolts are used as many parts will clip together.

You also have the freedom to choose the design that work best for your needs. The colours and size of your carport are your choice.

Flexibility - Benefits of a Kit Carport

Kit carports are a straightforward way to add extra cover and protection for your vehicles or garden. A kit can be used as a carport, patio, playhouse, gym, or any other function you choose.

One of the most appealing benefits of these kits is their flexibility; they can be built on any flat or slightly inclined area. They are supplied with easy-to-follow instructions that almost anyone can follow.

A kit carport can be a great investment.

You can expect to save money by installing a kit carport yourself. A best deal on a kit carport can be found at Car Covers and Shelter. You will find Australia’s least expensive Budget Carports and you will find the exceptionally well-priced Professional Choice Custom -made range of carports. Professional Choice are simply the best carports in Australia and for a few dollars more, they can be designed as ‘solar-ready.” This means they will be built strong enough to take the weight of solar panels on the roof.

To get started with your new kit carport project, follow these steps:

  • Check the Bill of materials to ensure that all pieces have been supplied.
  • Read all instructions before beginning assembly process. This will ensure that you don't miss any key details and reduce the risk of making mistakes.
  • Look at the tools you will need for installation (such as drills and screwdrivers). If you don't own them already, consider purchasing them now so they're ready when needed later.

Summary - Benefits of a Kit Carport

In conclusion, a kit carport can be a great investment. It will allow you to have a place to store your vehicle or add a covered area to your yard for any purpose. The benefits of having one include convenience, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and versatility.


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