Car Covers can save your car's life!

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Car Covers can save your car's life! Only in the USA could you expect an annual competition for an essay on car covers. Sure, a car cover is a great thing for protecting your car ... but a whole essay?

Just in case we do have car cover junkies out there, here are some comments and extracts from this year's winner.

Car Covers can save your car's life! Buy this hail cover
"She so vividly captured the true essence of what truly makes a car last forever. Her essay started with quick-witted insights about our modern car culture. “Cars are an integral part of our lives.” and they are. With many people, a car isn’t just a means of transportation. It’s a right of passage from youth to young adult; it’s a part of our individuality as a driver and a common member of their family.

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So often as Americans go about their day, they neglect to see the participation their car has in their daily lives. Ms. Justice captures the essence of how to make a car last forever in one statement. She must have been reading our minds. She said that the key to making a car last forever “is in our memory.”

It’s the memories that the car makes possible for us as we sojourn through life’s twists and turns.

Sure you remember Dad’s old truck, but what you really remember is when dad took you out into the pasture and let you take control of the wheel for the first time, or the first kiss in your parent’s car on that first date.

Ms. Justice captured the true essence and meaning of immortality, the excitement of that nostalgic moment, or the anticipation of a new car when you are getting ready to bring home your newest member of your family from the hospital nursery.

The car was always there in the moment, ready to serve unselfishly. The car was there to take whatever precious cargo to wherever it needed to go. Ms. Justice’s story is as timeless as the cars she helped us all to remember, it’s in these moments where life’s rubber meets the road; that we (you or I) make the memories that help to make our cars last forever.

Ms. Justice will be receiving a $1,000 scholarship to use towards her book or tuition fees. We are glad to help inspire people to seek higher education and to help unlock creativity in people. We know that this award will go towards making the world a better place filled with timeless memories.

As this essay contest comes to a close we will be opening a new contest for the next school year very soon."

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