Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide

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This article should help those in Australia’s cyclonic regions, Carports for Cyclonic Regions, the ultimate guide. Living in cyclonic regions comes with its fair share of challenges. One of them is finding suitable shelter for your vehicles whether it’s a shed or carport.

While traditional garages may offer protection, they can be more costly and time-consuming to build. This is where a carport for cyclonic regions can be a game-changer. In this blog, we will explore the key features of carports designed specifically for cyclonic regions. We look athow they can offer practical and cost-effective solutions for protecting your vehicles.

Where is Australia’s cyclonic regions?

Many customers have experienced very strong winds in the past and think they live in a cyclonic region. All cyclonic regions in Australia are coastal so if you live over 50km from the sea, you are probably not in a cyclonic area. On the east coast, the cyclonic region begins just south of

Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide  - wind regions of Australia map

Bundaberg. It circumvents all the coast round to the top end then down the west coast to a little bit south of Carnarvon. The Carnarvon to Port Headland area is the strongest cyclone area and may go inland for around 100km.

If you are in doubt about the wind region area you live in, give Car Covers and Shelter a call. They have the maps to help you out. Our engineers will always ensure that any carport you buy is certified correctly for the address of installation.

Carport Strength

When it comes to cyclonic regions, it is crucial to prioritize strength and durability. Cyclones can bring strong winds and heavy rainfall, making it essential for carports to be designed to withstand these extreme weather conditions. A high-quality carport for cyclonic regions will be made from the best Australian high tensile steel which offers the best resistance against corrosion. The screws and fasteners supplied are more than those supplied with a non-cyclonic carport, the steel is likely to be thicker and heavier with extra bracing. This will ensure your cyclonic carport and can withstand high wind loads. All carports must be engineered and certified to meet or exceed the cyclonic rating requirements for your specific region.  

Every customer should obtain at least 2 or 3 quotes for a new cyclonic carport. Just check the mass, (weight), of a cyclonic carport supplied by Professional Choice against all others. You will find that it is probably less expensive and yet stronger and heavier than any others.

Everyone who lives in a cyclonic region has seen sheds or carports that have been destroyed or badly damaged in a cyclone. What you need to know is that wind damage is virtually impossible if the carport was truly up to all Australian Standards and installed properly! With Professional Choice, you have a carport that will last a lifetime in all weather conditions in your area.

Carport Kit - Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide 

Carport kits are a convenient option for those looking to install a carport in cyclonic regions. They come with all the necessary components and detailed instructions, including video links to all joints, making the installation process smoother. Look for carport kits specifically designed for cyclonic regions. They will have additional reinforcements and connectors to ensure superior strength.

Base Plates for Cyclonic Carport installation.

Base plates on top of an existing slab, make the installation of a carport quicker and easier but unfortunately, they are NOT available for carports in cyclonic areas. A Carport must be an in-ground installation in all cyclonic areas.

Solar Ready Carports

We can also supply Professional Choice Carports to cyclonic areas, even stronger than standard cyclonic carports. We can supply a carport strong enough to take an additional 20kg per square metre on the roof. This is more than enough to install solar panels on the roof of your cyclonic carport.

Carport Price and Sale

The cost of a carport can vary depending on various factors such as size, materials used, and additional features. While it is essential to consider your budget, it is equally important to prioritize quality and strength over cost. Investing in a high-quality cyclonic carport will initially have a higher price tag than a ‘standard’ carport but you will not be permitted to install a carport in a cyclonic area unless it is certified for cyclonic areas.  

Lysaght supplies the least expensive cyclonic carport kits, which are the off-shelf cyclonic carports.

Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide, Lysaght Cyclonic carport

Lysaght manufactures the single and double carports for cyclonic areas in Townsville.

Double Carport, Multi-Bay Carports

If you have multiple vehicles or require additional storage space, a double carport may be the perfect choice for you. Double carports offer ample space to shelter two vehicles simultaneously or provide extra room for other purposes like a workspace or outdoor entertainment area. Ensure that the double carport you choose has the necessary reinforcements to withstand cyclonic conditions and meets the desired size requirements. Professional Choice can supply a locally made cyclonic carport to any size a customer requires.

Carport and Shed

In cyclonic regions, designers can intergrate a storage shed into carports. This combination can offer the best of both worlds, providing a sheltered space for your vehicles and additional storage for tools, equipment, or garden supplies. Carport and shed combinations are designed to be structurally sound and versatile, serving as a practical solution for homeowners who need both shelter and storage in cyclonic regions. It is estimated that over half a billion sheds in Australia do not comply with all Australian Standards. This is why it is common to see sheds being blown apart in cyclones. This should never happen! We assure you that your Professional Choice carport and shed is heavier and tougher than all others and built to all Australian Standards.

Carport Roof Styles

Carport roofs come in various styles, including flat roof, (Skillion), Gable roof, Dutch Gable roof and Hip roof. Each style has its advantages, and the choice depends on personal preference and

Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide, Gable Cyclonic Carport

the required functionality. Flat roofs offer a sleek and modern look, while gable roofs provide better water runoff and superior strength. Skillion roofs are a popular choice due to their price, contemporary design, and flexibility in positioning the carport.

Summary - Carports for Cyclonic Regions, The Ultimate Guide  

Finding the right carport for cyclonic regions is essential to protect your vehicles from extreme weather conditions. Prioritise strength, look for carport kits, compare prices, consider a double carport or a carport with an integrated shed, and choose a roof style that suits your preferences. With these factors in mind, you can be very confident that Professional Choice will supply a high-quality carport that offers reliable protection and peace of mind in any weather conditions.

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