Double Carport kit and Single Carport kits

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Australian Steel Carports

Steel carports are a terrific way to protect your car from the elements and the most popular sizes for double carport kits and single carport kits can be purchased for less as off-the-shelf items. They are much stronger than wooden structures, and you can have a carport roof style, customized to fit in with any style of home. Steel carports come in all sizes and shapes, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly!

These structures are made from galvanized steel, which means it has been treated with zinc to prevent rusting. Everyone knows of the durability of Australian Colorbond which will last a lifetime. The legs, beams and purlins are also strong so you can have a single or double carport to withstand any Australian wind area. Buying an Australian made carport will ensure that your new carport will last for most of your life!

Double Carport kit and Single Carport kits - Lysaght Flat roof carport

The best part about this type of car shelter is the flexibility they offer; there are so many options available. You can choose a roof design that fits your yard perfectly. You might choose something simple like a flat roof Skillion, or alternatively, go for a great looking Hip roof carport.

Double carport kits and Single Carport kits can be bought off the shelf.

Double carport kit

It is always less expensive to buy a carport kit that is off-the-shelf. This means it is a kit with a standard design that cannot be altered. All off the shelf kits are still made to order with a two-to-three-week delivery time. The least expensive double carport made in Australia is the Budget carport by Car Covers and Shelter. Double carport kits are a great option for those who want a shelter for both their vehicles. Usually, a standard double carport is six metres by six metres.

The Budget double carport is the best value you will find. It is made in Australia with imported steel. It still offers a 15-year warranty: -

Budget - Double Carport Kit

The double Budget flat roof above, can still be purchased for under $2000!

The Budget range also has a Gable version.

Budget - Double Carport with Gable Roof

This double carport with Gable roof can be purchased for just $4400.

Double Carport Kit – All Australian

Lysaght (BlueScope) offer a double carport kit too. This all-Australian double carport is extremely popular and is supplied by Car Covers and Shelter at a delivered price of just $3559! Nobody sells it cheaper.

Double Carport – Lysaght

Your other option for a quality double carport is to have one custom-made by Professional Choice. These Professional Choice double carports are simply the best and strongest available in Australia and Professional Choice double carports come with state-of-the-art engineering plans complete with directions to a YouTube video for every joint!

Single carport kit

Single carport kits are usually six metres by three metres or sometimes six metres by four metres. They come in a variety of colours and can be customized to your needs. They are easy to install, making them the perfect addition to any home or business!

Double Carport kit and Single Carport kits - Single Gable Roof Carport

A single carport kit is available in the Budget range which is the least expensive Australian made carport you will find at under $1300, and it still has a 15-year warranty.

Single Carport Kit – Budget

The Single Carport Budget edition is also available in a Gable roof design for under $3600.00.

Single Carport Kit Gable Roof Budget

Single carport Kit – All Australian

Lysaght (BlueScope) offer a single carport kit too. This all-Australian single carport is probably the Australian best-seller and is supplied by Car Covers and Shelter at a delivered price of just $ 2489.00! Nobody delivers it cheaper.

Single Flat roof Carport - Lysaght

Carports for many vehicles

Whether you have one, two or more cars, a Multi-Bay Carport kit will give you plenty of space to park them under cover. Multi-bay carports are not available anywhere off-the-shelf, but you can have one designed to any size in the Professional Choice range. You can have a 40-metre-long carport for your carpark or a triple carport for your home; anything is possible. Why waste all that roof space? Professional Choice will design the roof to be solar-ready. This means your carport is strong enough to support the additional weight of solar panels!

Double carports - Type of roof

There are four main types of roofs from which you can choose. The first is a flat roof carport, (Skillion roof carport) which is popular because it's easy to install and less expensive.

The second is a gable-style carport with two sloping sides that meet at the top to form an 'A' shape. This type of structure provides excellent protection from rain, hail and wind but does tend to be more expensive than a flat roof carport. Gable roof, like flat roof carports, are available in off-the-shelf carport kit form.

The third option is a Dutch gable construction where both sides slope downwards towards each other before intersecting at an apex. This type of design is extremely popular in older style Australian homes. We must design these to be custom.

Finally, there are hip roof carports--these look like a pyramid roof with the sides coming to a single point at the apex and are an exceptionally clever design in cyclonic areas. we must design Hip roof carports to be custom.

Summary - Double Carport kit and Single Carport kits

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the difference between double carport kits and single carport kits, as well as the benefits of each. Both double carport kits and single carport kits can be found in the less expensive off-the-shelf designs. You can also have them custom-designed. All Dutch Gable and Hip roof carports must be custom designed for you. If you are looking for a new shelter for your vehicle or other assets, we recommend checking out our selection of steel carports.

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