Get Council permission before installing your carport

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Get Council Permission Before Installing Your Carport

There is a story in the media about a man who is up to lose $50,000 because he installed a carport without the proper permissions - it is so important to get Council permission before installing your carport.

How do you lose $50,000 on a carport?

Don't ever pay $50,000 for a standard Skillion Carport

Maybe the biggest lesson in this story is actually to shop around, or even better, just come to Car Covers and Shelter for your carport - because there is no way in the world you could lose $50,000 by installing one of our carports and taking it down again!

Get Council permission before installing your carport

We have been requested not to publish any further information on this story and we have removed the link from the newspaper "Mail on line". 

The story previously mentioned may not be true. However, the message we are trying to give is the same. Make sure you get council permission before installing a carport and use a reputable supplier.

The cost of our double skillion carport delivered is just over $4,000. (You can get a lot cheaper by buying our Budget Range).

Car Covers and Shelter will provide certification on all out carports. Certification for all Cantaports and our off-the-shelf range of Budget Carports and Lysaght Lite Single and double carports may be given before purchase.

Full site-specific certification on all Professional Choice Sheds products is supplied with full engineering plans after a deposit is paid.

Car Covers and Shelter will always assist as much as possible in supplying customers with documentation on their chosen product. It is always the customer's responsibility to submit these to the local council. Usually a council will also require a plan of your yard. This will show exactly where the new structure is to be installed.

Always look, to seek permission before installing your carport. 


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