Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia?

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There are many covers claiming to protect your car against hailstones, some work many don’t so what is the best Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia?

Below you will find information on the best-selling car covers in Australia and the best for protecting your cars against hail storms.

Hail Armour Hail Cover

Designed in Australian and only available here is the new Hail Armour cover.

Hail Armour cover - Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia?

The Hail Armour cover is an emergency hail protector and is not made for permanent use as a car cover. When you hear of or see a hail storm coming, throw over your Hail Armour cover, blow it up with the pump supplied and relax! The cover can be installed in approximately 4 minutes and will protect your vehicle against all sizes of hailstones.

The Hail Armour cover comes in 5 different sizes and you will find one to fit a small sedan or hatch up toa Double Cab Ute Hail Protector.

Autotecnica hail protection covers.

Hail protection covers are among the best-selling car covers in Australia, and the Autotecnica covers stand out as they are manufactured for Australians specifically.

Cost of hail protection covers.

If you are wondering about the cost of hail protection covers, consider first the amount of money you will lose on your insurance excess. The average Australian car insurance excess is between $800 and $1000, money you MUST spend before you submit your claim. Also consider all the hassle and time required for repairs to the vehicle. You will also find that the re-sale value of a vehicle damaged by hail, (even if repaired), is significantly lower for a similar vehicle of the same age.

You will often see advertisements for 4 and even 7-layer thick car covers claiming to protect your vehicle from hail. These do not work for hail protewctors.. The only way to protect your vehicle from Australian hail with a car cover, is to have a fully padded hail protection cover. These arethe ones offered by Car Covers and Shelter. A muti-layer cover might be able to protect you from pea-sized hail, but they are not able to defend you from large Australian hail.

Choosing the right size.

We are confident that every top-selling sedan, SUV, Ute and 4WD on the Australian roads will be covered by an Autotecnica Hail Damage Prevention cover. The most popular hail protection covers in Australia are generic. In other words, they are made to certain sizes to fit a variety of similar-size vehicles. They are not made specifically for one model. To choose the right cover for your vehicle, Google its length and choose the appropriate cover. The cover you choose will be for a Ute, sedan, (also hatchbacks), or SUV. 

Hail protection cover- Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia?

All sedan covers will fit a hatchback of similar length. A large sedan hail protection cover will protect a single cab Ute. There is no specific single cab hail protection Ute Cover. The large sedan hail cover will also fit most wagons.

Double Cab Ute Hail Cover

Double Cab Utes, like Rangers, ISUZU, Mitsubishi, and Toyota HiLux are now some of the best-selling vehicles in Australia. A recent addition to the hail protection cover range is the Double Cab Ute cover. This is only available in the Ultimate Hail Protection range.

Three Ranges of Car Covers for Hail 

  • Standard range is offers protection to the top of your vehicle only.
  • Premium range covers the top and side windows of your car from hail.
  • Ultimate range is the most popular. It covers your whole vehicle, not just the side windows.

An excellent hail car cover includes both an outer protective fabric and an inner soft, plush fabric protecting the paintwork from damage. In addition to these two layers, there is a third layer of compressed polyester in the centre of the car covers that is 6 mm thick and protects your car from hailstones, even large hailstones. This is the layer that gives the hail protection of the covers.

Why Choose a Premium or Ultimate Hail Protection Car Cover?

There is often a strong wind that accompanies hailstone storms, and the hailstones don't   drop vertically from the sky. In the worst of storms, they seem to hit from the sides – horizontally. Unlike the Standard Hail Cover which only protects the roof and top parts of your vehicle, the Premium Hail Cover will offer strong padded protection to your side windows, as the 6mm compressed polyester comes down the side and covers all windows on the vehicle.

You need The Ultimate Hail Cover. If you want padded protection for every part of your vehicle. The Ultimate Hail Protection Car Cover has 6mm padded filling on all top surfaces and 4mm padded protection in every other part of the cover.

Do Hail Protection Car Covers Really work?

A padded car cover will protect your vehicle from most hailstorms. The NRMA recommend padded covers sold by Car Covers and Shelter as your best option in their ‘Hub Magazine.”

Whenever hail hits on the side of your car, the impact is never as severe as when hailstones strike on the top of your car where they have had hundreds or even thousands of metres to accelerate and then fall right on top of the car. However, there was a recent hail storm in SE Qld which was accompanied by winds in excess of 110kph. Hail will normally hit your car at around 60-80kph. Your vehicle will be safe with golf ball size hail hitting at this speed. If this is being accelerated to over 110kph then you may see some little dents after a storm under your hail cover. Without a hail cover in these conditions, you’ll note the damage to house roof tiles, Colorbond roofs and maybe even house windows round about and your car will almost certainly be a right-off.

Summary - Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia?

Be careful when you order a cover to protect your vehicle from hail. You will easily find the right size of cover for your Ute, SUV, sedan or hatchback but make sure it has padded protection. Without this padded protection, it will be a poor hail protection cover.

The Hail Armour cover is also available for almost all vehicles. This is an emergency hail protection cover supplied with an electric pump. This will give your vehicle full hail cover under an inflated car cover.

 A carport or garage is by far the best way to protect your property against hail storms. They are easy to construct, quite affordable and will last for many years. You can learn more about

Hail Cover Car Protection – What’s the best for Australia? Car Bubble

carports in our carport section here.

An Outdoor Car Bubble for Sedans, SUV's, Utes, and Motorcycles is also a terrific way to protect against hailstones. Car Bubbles are especially useful if you own a precious or loved classic car or a highly valued vehicle. Please visit the Car Bubble page if you would like to learn more.

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