How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia? Carport DIY Kits

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The first consideration for everyone who is thinking about installing a carport is, “How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia?”

The answer will depend a lot on the type of carport you want to install:

  • Flat roof carport
  • Gable Carport
  • Dutch Gable Carport
  • Hip roof Carport.
  • Cantilever Carport
  • Temporary carport

The least expensive would be an off-the-shelf flat roof carport like the Budget Carport or a smaller portable carport. The most expensive are the custom-designed Dutch Gable Carports and Hip roof Carports.

In this blog we will answer many frequently asked questions about installing a carport at your home.

Building a Kit Carport - Australia is Different from the Rest of the World

When you Google for answers about carports in Australia, the answers will often come from an overseas source. Sometimes it may be an Australian writer who has spent some time ‘researching’ on the web but knows little about the laws in Australia. This means that Australians are circulating  ‘facts’ incorrectly sourced from overseas. A quick example would be: -

“Can I customise my carport by adding sides or solar panels on the roof?”

 In Australia, the answer is a big NO! However, the answer often found on Google is that it is not a problem. All explainations will be provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Building a Carport Yourself in Australia

1.   Do I need a permit to build a carport in Australia?

    • Yes, in most Australian states and territories, you will need a permit to build a carport. Regulations may vary, so it's important to check with your local council or authorities before starting the project. Your local council will insist on a certified structure that complies with all Australian Standards.

2.    Portable Car Shelters - How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia? Carport DIY Kits

A Portable carport or temporary carport that is not a permanent fixture may not require council

How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia? Carport DIY Kits, portable carport

approval but it is always best to check with your local authority before installing a portable carport.

 3.  What materials are commonly used for building carports in Australia?

    • Common materials used for carports in Australia include steel, timber, and aluminium. Each material has its own benefits and considerations, such as durability, cost, and maintenance requirements. Australian Steel will always make the strongest, low-cost, durable, and low-maintenance carports.

 4.   Can I modify a carport kit to fit my specific needs?

    • Your, carport kit will come with certification. Many carport kits supplied in Australia are barely capable of supporting their own weight. You should never modify even the absolute best and strongest carports, like Professional Choice carports. Inquire about modifying the strength of a carport to accomodate adding sides, or a roller door or even to add solar panels to the roof. A standard carport kit should NEVER have any of these additions made.

It will come as a surprise to many that simply adding a purlin to a certified carport can weaken the structure! This is because of the additional pressure a strong wind can have on a structure and that additional steel purlin can add upward pressure to a roof.

You can order the size, height, and features to accommodate larger vehicles, on any carport but it can’t be modified after the certification is issued. This can be extremely dangerous and will always invalidate your certification and invalidate your warranty.

Can I add a Roller Door to my Carport?

No – See answer above.

Can I put sides on my carport?

No – see answer above.

Can I install solar panels on the roof of my carport?

No – see answer above unless you have asked for the carport to be designed to take at least an additional 20kg per square m force on the roof. Perfectly possible with professional Choice Carports.

5. How long does it take to build a carport?

    • The time it takes to build a carport will depend on numerous factors such as the size, complexity, and your level of experience. On average, it may take a couple of days to
      How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia? Carport DIY Kits, building a Cantaport
      install an off-the-shelf DIY carport but a large Dutch Gable or Hip design could take a week to complete.

 6.    What tools do I need to build a carport?

    • Basic tools are, a spade, a shovel, a barrow, measuring tape, electric cordless drill/screwdriver, hammer, saw, string line, spanners, G-clamps, spirit level, angle grinder and a ladder but also you may need;
    • You may also need to borrow or rent tools like a concrete mixer or a tool for digging or drilling holes to set up the groundwork for your carport


7.   Cantilever Carport – Cantaport – How easy to install?

      • The Cantaport Cantilever carport is one of the easiest carports to install as they come in carport kits; precision made in Japan. No cutting or drilling is necessary, and installation is easy for anyone with some basic tool skills.

 8.    Are carports pre-engineered for structural stability?

    • Yes, in Australia reputable carport manufacturers design their kits to meet structural engineering requirements so this ensures that the carport is stable, durable, and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

 9.   Is it possible to attach a carport to an existing structure?

Yes, it is possible to do so, but it is NOT advisable. A certified carport is best to be freestanding which means it will support its own weight. Certification for an attached carport is impossible unless the engineer has the house plans or visits the site to assess the situation. An engineer cannot know how the installer is going to fix the structure to the home. Even using dyno bolts into brickwork is NOT ENOUGH. The structure should be attached through the walls to the frame of the home. It is essential to assess the structural integrity and consult an engineer to ensure the attachment is done safely and complies with Australian Standards. Too many carport suppliers do not tell customers this. Your attached carport will often have an invalidated certification and your warranty will be invalidated.

10. How much will it cost to build a carport in Australia?

The least expensive carport in Australia is the Budget Flat roof carport. At the time of writing, it starts from$1298. It comes with base plates so a cheap installation could be done on four concrete pads. These could be dug out and laid for around an extra $100. This means you could have a DIY single carport for under $1500.

Custom carports can start from under $4,000 and go up to any price for any size. You can buy best value carport kits at Car Covers and Shelter website with great offers and free delivery Australia wide.

Summary - How much will it cost to install a carport in Australia? Carport DIY Kits

Remember to always consult with your local council, obtain necessary permits, and consider professional advice when building a carport yourself. Don't forget to take pride in your DIY project, knowing you've saved money and created a practical space for your vehicles or storage needs. All carport kits from Car Covers and Shelter come with easy to follow instructions and the Professional Choice Range of carports come with state-of-the-art engineering plans with a video attached to every joint to make your DIY life easy. Happy building!



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