Perfect Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle: A Practical Guide for Every Aussie Car Owner

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As a true-blue Aussie car owner, you understand the importance of protecting your vehicle from the harsh Australian climate so today we’ll have a look at the Perfect Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle: A Practical Guide for Every Aussie Car Owner. Sun, rain, hail, animal and tree debris and dust can all take a toll on your car's interior and exterior! With the right car cover, you can shield your prized possession from any kind of weather. Why not keep it looking its best for years to come?

Choosing the Right Car Cover for Your Vehicle

When it comes to car covers, one size does not fit all. It's crucial to select the one that's best suited for your specific vehicle. Of the top ten most popular new cars in Australia, the Double Cab

Perfect Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle: A Practical Guide for Every Aussie Car Owner

Utes are the most popular, followed by SUV’s. Gone are the days when our roads were filled with Holden and Ford sedans.

At Car Covers and Shelter, we keep up with these trends. You are ensured that there is a cover you can choose that is specially designed for your vehicle. Here are some popular car cover options to consider:

Double Cab Ute Covers

Double Cab Utes are now the most popular vehicle choice in Australia. These covers are tailored to protect the larger frame of your vehicle. They come in various materials suitable for different climatic conditions. You’ll find a Double Cab Ute cover in the all-weather Stormguard range or if you want hail protection, there is a Double Cab Ute hail cover in the Ultimate Hail protection Range.

Canopies are popular on the tray of these Utes. This is not a problem. Look at your vehicle from the side, the canopy means it is almost the same shape as an SUV. If this is the case,you should buy a large SUV cover.

Roof racks and roof baskets are also a common sight on Double Cab Utes. These will raise the height of the Ute so the cover you buy may not go all the way to the ground. This means that part of the lower wheels may be expose so it should not be a worry.

SUV Car Covers

SUV covers are tailored to protect a larger frame and are available in various materials suitable for different uses. You will find a light-weight SUV cover in the Evolution range. A heavier SUV all-weather cover is in the Stormguard range or buy a hail protection cover from the hail protection cover ranges.

Automobile Covers, Sedan Covers

Tailored to fit sedan models, these covers offer full coverage. These will shield your vehicle from sun, rain, hail, bird droppings, dust, and sap from trees. Sedan covers are available in all indoor and outdoor car cover ranges.

Ute Covers

You can buy a Stormguard cover for your single cab Ute or choose a long sedan cover if you are looking for hail protection. There is no specifically designed hail cover available for single cab Utes, but a sedan cover will provideall the necessary protection. There is also an indoor Ute Cover to keep your Ute clean and dust free in the garage.

Small Car Covers

All sedan covers are suitable for hatchbacks too. Every range starts with a cover to fit a small car up to 4m long. The Stormguard Sedan and Hatch cover range starts with a cover for cars just 3.6m long. Perfect for compact cars, these covers provide a snug fit and protection from the elements, ensuring your small car stays pristine.

Station Wagon Car Covers - Perfect Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle: A Practical Guide for Every Aussie Car Owner

The Stormguard range offers a cover specifically designed for wagons. The 5.2m Sedan cover for Hail protection will fit most wagons and give you the hail protection you need. Station Wagon covers will protect your vehicle anywhere. 

Van Covers

You will find a Stormguard van cover for all-weather protection. There is also a hail protection Van cover in the Premium Hail cover range. In many cases, an SUV cover will also protect many vans.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Hail and All-Weather Conditions

For Aussie car owners, protecting vehicles from hail is a top priority. A robust car cover can be the difference between a pristine car and costly hail damage. Look for the three Hail Protection ranges

Hail Proof Car Cover Protection - Car Covers and Shelter

and you’ll find a cover to fit your vehicle. Hail protection covers, as the name suggest, will protect your car against hailstorms but for a long-term all-weather cover, you should use a Stormguard cover to safeguard your vehicle from long-term UV exposure, rain and dirt, no matter the season.

Car Car Covers, Designed for the Australian Climate

Car owners in Australia face unique weather challenges, from the scorching heat of the Outback, the incessant sun of the tropics to the milder unpredictable coastal climate. You need a car cover designed for the Australian environment. Many of the easiest found covers are from American companies like Australia Car Covers and Covers & All. Maybe check out their poor reviews here before buying. Covers like those of Autotecnica are made3 for Australia and offer UV protection, water resistance, and breathability to prevent mould and mildew.

Lightweight and Outdoor-Ready

Whether you're storing your car in a garage, carport, or out in the open, a lightweight car cover makes installation and removal a breeze. Search for covers that are easy to handle and suitable for outdoor use.

Get Your Perfect Car Cover Today

With the right car cover, you can protect your vehicle from the elements, maintain its appearance, and prolong its lifespan. Don't let the Australian climate take a toll on your car so invest in a high-quality cover designed to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Whether you drive a small car, a sedan, a Ute, an SUV, a Van or a wagon, there's a car cover out there that's perfect for your vehicle.

Summary - Perfect Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle: A Practical Guide for Every Aussie Car Owner

Remember, a small investment in a car cover now can save you major expenses on repairs and maintenance down the road. Do your car a favour and get the protection it deserves with a car cover meant for the rugged Australian terrain.

Here's to keeping your vehicle looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot – rain, hail, or shine!

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