Solar Carports: The Eco-Friendly Way to Park

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Solar Carports: The Eco-Friendly Way to Park

If you are interested in saving money and doing your part in saving the environment, a solar carport may be the answer you've been looking for. A relatively new development, they are the perfect combination of practicality and function, giving you shelter for your car or cars while at the same time providing you with solar power for your home or business. The eco-friendly way to park, solar carports are an idea whose time has come.

Solar Carports: The Eco-Friendly Way to Park - Double solar carport



How Solar Carports Work

The roof of a solar carport is a series of solar panels. Technically called photo-voltaic (PV) panels, they work by collecting solar energy (photo) and then converting it to electricity (voltaic). This electricity can be stored in batteries or connected to your power grid and used to supplement your traditional energy supply.

Solar carport panels are identical in construction to solar roof panels, but have the advantage of being an integral part of the structure of the carport. In many cases, homeowners and businesses that want to install PV systems hesitate because they don't want to make modifications to their existing roofs or because their roofs are not angled properly for optimum solar collection. A solar carport, being a stand alone structure, is designed for optimum solar energy collection and vehicle protection.

While electric and hybrid cars have not yet been widely accepted in Australia, interest in them is growing and its just a matter of time before Australians will want a battery recharging station in their garage or carport. Solar carports are ideal for this because 100% of the power stored in a car battery can come from the sun, making them the ultimate eco-friendly way to drive.

Home and Commercial Applications for Solar Carports

In the United States, and other countries, solar carports can already be found in large commercial and industrial carparks. Some of them house hundreds of cars and generate enormous amounts of energy. New designs in home solar carports include traditional four post single or two vehicle carports are becoming common.. Aside from these commercially manufactured solar carports, individuals and commercial enterprises also have custom built carports and garages with solar panelled roofs.

Why You Should Look Into Solar Carports Now

The Australian government offers incentives to homeowners and businesses who switch to solar power. You can get rebates on the installation of solar panels and solar credits on your energy bill. What this means is that when your PV solar electric system is connected to the grid? If ithas the proper inverter and meter installed, you will save money. Your monthly electricity billcan actually make money if you consume less power than you generate.

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Businesses who switch to solar energy enjoy significant tax breaks as well as enormous savings on their energy bills. Smart businesses all across Australia are switching to solar power whenever they can. As solar carports become popular, you will be sure to see more of them. More factories, offices and shopping centres with solar carport are common. These helptheir staff and customers.

Why let all that valuable carport roof space go to waste? You can put it to good use with solar power? Not only are solar carports the eco-friendly way to park, they are the practical way to park as well. Look into solar carports now and reap the benefits now and into the future.

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