Spend a little time to select the right car cover for your vehicle.

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Spend a Little Time to Select the Right Car Cover for Your Vehicle

Spend a little time to select the right car cover for your vehicle; it's well worth the relatively small investment in keeping your vehicle in great condition. Protect it from sun, rain, hail and wind as well as from those annoying scrapes that can happen around your property.

Apart from the choice in aesthetic features, you’ll be surprised at the range of features there are to choose from in our range of high quality car covers, Ute covers, SUV covers, motorcycle covers and hatch-back covers. Think about the excess you pay on your car insurance? A car cover, particularly a hail protection cover may seem like a big investment but in most cases they are less than half the cost of what you will lose with damage!

Car Covers and Shelter has a cover for for small cars, large cars, utes, four wheel drives, and motorcycles whither you want added protection indoors or outdoors.

Choose the cover that suits you best - Spend a little time to select the right car cover for your vehicle.

Choosing the right cover is quite simple – all you need to do is choose a size (small, medium, or large) and a design appropriate to your car, 4WD, Ute, Motorbike and then choose the level of protection that suits you for inside or outside.

Whether you park your car on the street, in your yard, in an open carport or an enclosed garage, there is a suitable car cover available for any situation.

Basically, the covers shelter your car from all or some of the outdoor (sun, dust, moisture, water, hail) and indoor elements (dust), with varying levels of protection.

Other differentiating features include the material used, elastic hems, and double stitching in the seams for long lasting quality protection.


Motorcycle cover range - spend a little time to select the right car cover for your vehicle.

We have a small range of motorcycle covers come in two main types, the always reliable and popular Evolution Range and the Stormguard range. We have motorcycle covers to fit small and large motorbikes

  • Fitted with Anti-Condensation venting system
  • Full waterproof protection from harmful sunrays
  • Security straps
  • UV Protected
Ute covers

The Autotecnica Ute range is tough and light but gives excellent weather protection

The ute covers fit securely and tightly and come in two sizes to fit the big utes.

    • Specially lined with Soft Plush, Non-Abrasive backing fabric, ensures no scratching on the inside with all-weather protection on the outside
    • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays
    • Full UV protection
    • Electro-Welded in high resistance PVC fabric for wet weather conditions ensure long life for your cover and your car
    • Sizes available for most vehicles.
    • Includes storage bag.
    • One Year Warranty

Car Bubble or Car Capsules sometimes referred to as Car Igloos - Spend a little time to select the right car cover for your vehicle.

Excellent for keeping your classic car or future classic car in showroom condition. Car bubbles are like car capsules surrounding your car for full protection with your vehicle inside the car bubble. Car Bubbles come in three sizes plus a motorcycle bubble. Like a car igloo, the vehicle is fully protected and visible inside the bubble. Also available motorcycle bubbles. All are supplied with an electric fan.

Your Car Bubble will:-

Some Car Cover Tips 

    • Don't place a cover on a wet vehicle and make sure the cover itself is dry before you put it on. The moisture can cause them to stick to the car and cause damage.
    • Never dry a wet cover in the hot sun, that’s not good for them.
    • Don't keep a cover on for more than a couple of week – moisture can get in.
    • Don't buy a cheap cover that can't breath and does not have a plush interior to prevent scratching your paintwork, you are probably better off without!

If all else fails, why not erect a solar ready carport? Solar carports will not only protect your car but will pay for themselves over a few years!

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