The Importance of Shade Covers for Cars: Protecting Your Vehicle from the Sun

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The Importance of Shade Covers for Cars: Protecting Your Vehicle from the Sun can't be over-emphasised in a Country like Australia. If you don’t have a garage, you may find it challenging to choose the best way to protect your vehicle. The intense Australian sun and extreme weather events are common.. It can be a difficult decision to make because not all forms of protection for your vehicle will be adequate. You must protect your vehiclefrom UV rays, hailstones and heavy rain or snow.

Keep Your vehicle covered

it is not a good idea to leave your vehicle out in the weather without any kind of protection. The elements can badly damage it both inside and out! Instead, consider investing in a carport or shade covers for your cars

Shade cover, The Importance of Shade Covers for Cars: Protecting Your Vehicle from the Sun

Having shade covers for your cars is an easy and affordable way to help prevent sun damage on your car. They’re affordable, accessible, and can be used for much more than just UV protection for your vehicle. 

Shade Covers or Carports

Shade covers feature durable steel frames and a sturdy roof. Not only does the heat make your car nearly unbearable to sit in, but it can also cause other damage to your vehicle. This damage can include interior damage, making leather and PVC seats crack and bleaching plastic fittings. On the exterior, paint fade and lift on certain areasor causing the glue of your headliner to lose its tackiness. Having a shade cover helps to prevent this damage. 

Multiple Uses of Shade Covers

Shade covers are amazing structures that help protect your vehicle from sun damage, but that’s not all they’re good for. Any good quality shade cover will offer UV protection and hailstone protection and they’re also a fantastic asset to help get out of the house and have somewhere to lounge on a hot day. 

These covers aren’t just for cars but have other applications as well. For example, you can use shade covers to protect an area of a pool or for outdoor activities like a children’s play area or sandpit. Portable Shade covers are also available and these shade covers could be used as tents for events or tents for craft fairs. You’re not limited to only using these shade covers for your cars!

Car Covers and Shelter

Here at Car Covers and Shelter, we believe in helping you protect your vehicles with the highest quality products available, and our Portable Car Shade Carports are no different.

The lightweight frame makes transporting this carport from place to place a breeze. Whether you’re moving, heading to the beach, or going to a festival, this convenient shade cover provides UV protection for both you and your vehicle. You can use it as a vehicle cover, a tent, or simply an area to lounge beneath.

These kits allow you to use this carport for either one or two vehicles depending on your needs. Each kit is made to order, so you can guarantee you’ll receive a high-quality Australian product when you order from us.

If you’re interested in one of our versatile car shade carports, check out Car Covers and Shelter today. You will find more information on all types of shade and protection for your vehicle.  

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