Cantaport Carport Connection Kits

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Secure Logo Cantaport Car Covers and ShelterCantalever Carport Connection Kits by Cantaport carports and Awnings

A Cantilever carport (flat or curve roof carport) connection kits - bring elegance to the outside of your home.

Best Choice for Carports, Bus shelters, Pool Shade, School Shade and Shelter,Sports Ground Shade and Shelter and anywhere requiring heat and shade reduction!

Many Cantaport Cantilever carports can be connected together. In the residential/domestic sector, connections are usually used to make a double carport or triple carport.

A double carport can be connected to make a Y connection like a gull wing or as an M connection which makes a semi-dome shape (if you are using a curved roof configuration). If you wanted a long narrow configuration, you would use an In-Line Connection Kit.

All configurations are shown here although a 3 bay could include a Y and M connection :-

Configurations for Cantilever double carports - Car Covers and Shelter

Various configurations can be used for walk-ways, patios, gazebos, bus shelters, pool area shelters or anywhere around the home, school or public building. 

Carport Connection Kits are included with each double carport kit. Additional connections (eg for 3 bay carport) must be ordered separately to ensure you get the design you want.

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