Car Bubbles

The Ultimate Indoor or Outdoor car protection - Car Bubble

Now offering these ranges of Car and motorcycle Bubbles for indoor use or an outdoor bubble:-

The Car Bubble gives your vehicle the ultimate indoor or outdoor protection. If you really care about keeping your car in mint, original condition,  the car bubble is your ideal choice. It protects your vehicle from all damage and scrapes and keeps it moisture-free to prevent mold and corrosion and it keeps out vermin such as rats and mice. It offers better all-round protection than even our great range of Custom Made Car Covers.

Where does the car bubble come from?

There are a few very expensive versions of the car bubble on the market. The original car bubble was probably developed in the UK and sold as a “car cocoon” or a “carcoon”. An American version was made and sells as a car capsule under the brand name of "CarCapsule". There is also something called an "AirLok Car Cover" and a "car igloo" but basically all are inflatable car cover bubbles of a similar design.  You have a black plastic mat and a transparent hermetically sealed cover that zips on to the mat with your vehicle inside. The outdoor car bubbles are opaque with usually a front viewing transparent panel (not on motorcycle outdoor bubbles). An electric fan, which uses about as much electricity as a computer fan, is fixed to a cut template on the end of the mat. The fan is switched on and the bubble inflates with air pushed through a filter - It is one of the best ways to protect your car or motorcycle.

Superb for classic or prestige cars

That dearly-loved and expensive collector car or hugely-expensive exotic car you own, can maintain or increase its price more if you can document that it has been stored in a car bubble cover. Just because of the love we can have for our vehicle, the satisfaction of knowing it's fully protected is worth every cent of a car bubble cover's cost.

As all car-lovers know, even indoors, a vehicle is under attack by dust, moisture, and inadvertent scratches and dents and sometimes rodents!. Your car is an extremely prized possession, you take the best care of it when your driving, detailing it, working on the engine, or all the other ‘little jobs’ we find. When you can't be right there to protect it, a car bubble cover can be the ultimate car protector - it will do the watching for you!

Inflatable Car Cover Bubbles are so easy to use.

  • Park your vehicle on top of the floor mat,
  • Zip together the top and bottom sections which are sealed together by a nylon zipper - designed not to scratch paint.
  • A compact, portable electric fan) included with the car bubbles plugs in to any household outlet, fills up the bubble and allows air to circulate. The air inside is changed 3 to 4 times every hour.

Strong outward air pressure protects against damage

When the car cover bubble is inflated, there's enough outward pressure on the bubble surface to deflect common objects in the garage that may fall against your vehicle. Instead of causing damage and scratches other common garage objects like bicycles, skis, garden tools and brooms will just bounce off.

Car bubbles are like car capsules surrounding your car for full protection with your vehicle inside the car bubble. Car Bubbles come in five sizes for sedans and 5 sizes for SUV's and Utes plus 4 sizes in motorcycle bubbles. Like a car igloo, the vehicle is fully protected and visible inside the indoor bubble. PLEASE NOTE - Indoor bubbles are not UV protected, you must use an outdoor bubble if the bubble is to be kept outdoors. Also available motorcycle bubbles. All are supplied with an electric fan and filter.
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