Mezzanine Floor Kits - Custom Made

  • $3,999.00

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Discover the Utility of Mezzanine Floors: Optimize Your Space Efficiently!

For your Farm Shed, Barn or Industrial Building! 

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Perfect for the busy unit owner or farmer who wants to save and install a mezzanine in the commercial shed or barn.

Your success is in our preparation. Your Professional Choice Sheds Mezzanine Project will run like a well-oiled machine.

The prices shown here include delivery to most of Australia. Prices should give you an accurate indication of how much you will pay for your equivalent 'custom" size mezzanine in low load bearing and 600mm joist centres with NO stairs and NO handrail. - ASK FOR A QUOTE.

Mezzanine Floor Kit Custom Made

 Tip:- You must measure the floor area for your mezzanine dimensions. If you measure "wall to wall" it may not fit on the floor

The Construction Documentation for Mezzanine Floor Kits - Custom Made Set includes:

  • The Bill of Materials so you can make sure everything is on-site before sending the crew. No wasted man-hours;
  • Engineering Designs & Connection Details that set a new benchmark for the industry. No lost time trying to figure out how a detail works, or worse, having to improvise;
  • The Production Drawings for all members; &
  • The Engineering Certificate.
  • Every Part is clearly marked saving you time and if a mark is obscured or damaged in transit, you can use the Production Drawings to identify the Part;

Connection Details

Connection Details are one per page – clear, uncluttered and easy to understand. If anything is obscured simply scan the QR Code with any smartphone camera and watch the video for that connection.  There is no confusion, mistakes and no downtime in installation.

The Mezzanine Floors - Custom Made documentation is thorough, precise and designed by people who have actually built with steel.

Full details at Professional choice

Reliable Every Step of the Way

  • Instantly accessible, clear, comprehensive instruction
  • Free design advice and quote
  • 100% Australian high tensile steel
  • Delivery Australia wide
  • Solar ready sheds
  • Locally made custom mezzanine and sheds designed for you

Special features make this the best mezzanine  steel installation in Australia

Choices for your Mezzanine Floor Kit - Custom Made

In-Plane or Joist over bearer? – In-Plane gives a better ‘clean’ finish for just a few dollars more.

Joist Centres – either 450 or 600 – 600 will be less expensive but will require the equivalent of Red Tongue particle board – 450 would require the equivalent of the cheaper yellow tongue so not much difference in finished price. (Note, flooring is not supplied in the prices/quotes)

Footing Brackets – Cast in, Base plate or Brackets – we recommend base plates for most jobs.

Wide-span or Deep span is available for easy vehicle entry underneath as well as our cheapest option.

Load rating – your choice of light, medium or heavy – 3kpa is our   recommendation for most purposes.

Handrail and stairs – your local Hardware store can easily substitute our high quality steel stairs for a cheaper option. Structural wall support – easily done if you have a wall capable of taking the weight.


Example Plans

mezzanine floor - Professional Choice - Car Covers and Shelter

Australian Standards on Mezzanine Floors - Mezzanine Floor Kit - Custom Made

Deflection limits are extremely important and often ignored by many disreputable installers and manufacturers. We do not have an independent test for mezzanine floors as we do for Shed Health Test. 

An allowable ‘bend’ is experienced when loads are applied but these standards are often ignored, as in shed building, there are Australian Standards and a professional, competent business like Professional Choice Sheds® will assist you in determining what your requirement demands are, then explain the proposal with the quote.

Steel shed or warehouse

Again, if you have a steel shed or warehouse, it has barely the strength to carry its own weight. Do not allow the use of brackets against already over-stretched beams. This happens with a cheap mezzanine build.  It’s OK to fix to existing structural walls. Your Australian high tensile steel mezzanine should be ‘stand alone” and this is what you get with Professional Choice Sheds®

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