Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

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Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

Sheds Garages Workshops and Industrial Buildings

All custom made to any size! (examples only shown)

·         Garage or workshop

·         warehouse

·         industrial building - small to medium industrial applications. 

·         farm shed,  

·         Covered Outdoor Learning Area, (COLA)

·         storage shed

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Summary - Simply the best in Australia - Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

  • Genuine Australian Colorbond Cladding
  • Certified Australian G450 High Tensile Steel Columns & Rafters
  • Certified Australian G450-550 High Tensile Steel Purlins & Girts
  • Comprehensive & User-friendly Instructions
  • Certified by Independent Reputable Structural Engineers

Reliable Every Step of the Way

  • Instantly accessible, clear, comprehensive instruction
  • Free design advice and quote
  • 100% Australian high tensile steel
  • Delivery Australia wide
  • Solar ready sheds
  • Locally made custom sheds designed for you


Best Price and strongest sheds, garages and industrial buildings available at best prices  –   Australian made and all strong enough for mezzanines cladding or solar panels!

Custom made for you in any size and any wind region

Special features make this the best steel installations in Australia

The Professional Choice differences - Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

Slab Size: If you order a 6000 x 9000, the shed will be built to that slab size.  The steel frame and cladding extend past and over the slab for waterproofing.

Roller Doors – The doors are defined by the size by the actual clearance of the opening with the roller door completely open and its drum at its maximum diameter.  With nearly all others shed manufacturers you will ‘loose’ around 300mm clearance with a door drum under-hang.

Your parts Schedule is an intelligent Bill of Materials designed to be read alongside the engineering Designs, so that you or the installers have the parts as you need them.  You will see that the designs set a new benchmark in the industry.  All designs satisfy both the Australian Standards and the Manufacturer's Specifications.

Your shed connection detail secures the purlin to the rafter using a high tensile M12 bolt, two 38 x 38 x 3 mm square washers and 6 Tek screws for lapped members.  

The structural integrity of this connection is obvious. 

Shed connection detail Professional Choice - strongest in Australia

Your engineering detail is exceptionally clear; but if you have a problem, scan the QR Code in the top right of each page to review a video on your phone! A quick click on the GD4.1 heading will return you to your page.

Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

Designed to be lined (lining not included in price) and can be engineered, at little or no extra cost, to have the strength to retrofit solar panels on the roof. Most sheds and garages available in Australia aren't structurally sound enough to support any additional weight.  

“Solar Ready” allows for an addition dead load of 20 kg/m2 on top of the structure. This allows the necessary strength to install solar panels. 

Double Garage Plus Workshop - Professional Choice

Everything is customisable to the millimeter.  You can use all Colorbond colours, add translucent or transparent roof sheets, PA Doors, Windows, Whirlybirds, Insulation, etc.

It’s an installer's dream.  Instantly accessible, clear, comprehensive instructions.

Inferior imports assembled in Australia migh fool you!

What to look for to ensure your shed is to Australian standard and Colorbond chart

Indicative Prices and mass details  Professional Choice Sheds

Proposal first page example below for a 6000 x 9000 x 2700 Triple door shed/garage with window and prices.

6000x9000 triple garage first page proposal - Professional Choice sheds and garages


Free delivery to most of Australia

Proposal first page example below. Shows a 4000 x 6000 x 2700 single door shed/garage with two window and Personal Access door

4x6x2.7 single garage proposal first page - Professional Choice Sheds Garages and Carports 

Other Sheds may be ‘Australian made” or maybe just “Australian assembled” but NOT with Australian steel!

 Investing in a carport or shed you should know you're getting a quality steel building.

Professional Choice Can be up to 40% heavier than similar structures in Australia

Professional Choice design and use of steel is as efficient as it can possibly be and yet these structures are heavier than all on the market – Why?

Specifications for Lysaght Trimdek - Car Covers and Shelter Professional Choice Sheds and Garages

Most sheds or garages have TRIMDEC or CUSTOM ORB sheeting attaching (or Chinese import equivalent) to 75mm or less BMT (Base Metal Thickness) and yet the manufacturer specification is a minimum of 1mm BMT. Unless the framing is very close (400mm-450mm which is unlikely on most structurers), they do not meet manufacturer specification and are therefore do not meet NCC compliance – no matter what the engineering certification says.

Hi-Tensile Australian Steel

There is a big difference in the quality high tensile steel made in Australia and the much cheaper mild steel imported from China, India or Korea used by most shed manufacturers in Australia.

Mild Steel is just iot strong enough

Mild steel does not have the strength and is lighter than quality Australian steel*. These are just some points as to why Professional Choice is your guarantee that your new installation will meet all manufacturing and Australian standards.

State-of -the-art Engineering Plans

The unique design and engineering software used, ensures we're able to customise your carport or shed to the millimetre with absolutely no waste and why they contain more steel than almost all competitors. All buildings are engineered site-specific to ensure they will withstand the specific conditions of your site and you have the peace of mind knowing that they will not be rejected by any possible insurance claim!

*(Chinese steel is Q235 or 235 MPa.  It is cheaper because it is weaker.  There is no heat treatment in the manufacturing process.  It does not have the strength of Australian G250 'mild' steel, let alone BlueScope’s high tensile G450-550 products.

The Australian high tensile 'G' rating refers to the steel's strength.  G550 is 550 MPa and applies to members up to and equal to 1.0 mm.  Members with a 1.2 mm gauge are G500 and have a yield of 500 MPa.  Gauges of 1.5+ are G450 or 450 MPa.)

The Professional Choice difference

The Professional Choice differences – Double Garage Plus Workshop Professional Choice

For years, most Aussie shed businesses have been on a race to the bottom trying to offer cheaper and cheaper sheds and carports. This has been done at the expense of quality and strength and certifiers have been able to ‘hide’ behind their complex calculations.

Shed Health Test

Now it’s easy for anyone to check for Australian Standards with the Shed Health Test – no more hiding! Make sure you buy the best – or at the very least, a shed that is Australian Standards compliant.

If you already have a quote for your new steel building, we strongly recommend that you check the engineering here at this independent site Unless its Professional Choice, you will almost certainly find that your choice is not up to Australian standards.

Professional Choice Can be up to 40% heavier than similar structures in Australia –

Professional Choice design and use of steel is as efficient as it can possibly be and yet these structures are heavier than all on the market – Why?

Quite simply, according to BlueScope Steel, you should NOT attach any Colorbond product to anything less than 1mm thick steel – Virtually no Australian manufacturer is compliant to this. Purlins spacing is ‘stretched’ to save on steel or lower thickness imported ‘Colorbond” imported “look-a- like” is used.


Accredited & National Construction Code (NCC) Compliant – Is your shed or carport really NCC compliant?
It’s probably ‘Australian made” or maybe just “Australian assembled” but NOT with Australian steel!
It may be sold with an Australian certification but very few are compliant with the Australian Standards. You can depend on Professional Choice


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