Why Buy A Quality Autotecnica Car Cover?

Why Buy A Quality Autotecnica Car Cover?

An Autotecnica car cover is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking show-room new. Peruse the these car covers to learn everything you ever wanted to know about car coves—and even some stuff you didn't.

  • Prevent unsightly dents, dings and scratches
  • Shield against finish-destroying man-made and natural hazards
  • Keep sticky-fingered thieves at bay
  • Put a barrier between your paint and damaging weather
  • Wrap your ride for long-term storage
  • The fundamental advantages of custom-fit car covers
  • Your guide to selecting the correct car cover for your vehicle


There is a certain feeling you experience when you discover that first dent, ding or scratch on your new vehicle. Unfortunately, they're a fact of life and nothing short of covering your vehicle with reactive tank armor will truly prevent them. However, using a car cover adds a layer of protective padding to cushion against runaway shopping carts, absent-minded car doors or other blows.

Natural Hazards Guide

Birds, trees, dust. They certainly seem harmless enough, but without a car cover, they can inflict serious damage to your prized vehicle.

Our fine feathered friends seem to have impeccable aim when it comes to leaving their droppings on our vehicles.Outdoor car covers catch bird bombs before they splatter against your paint job. Plus, the majority of outdoor car cover fabrics are not harmed by the dropping's acidity outdoor car cover fabrics.


The shady spot under a tree may look like a welcome spot to park your vehicle. However, with nuts, berries, sap, pollen, not to mention the roosting birds, parking under a tree can wreak havoc on your vehicle. A car cover can help keep your vehicle cool, even in the sun. Or, if you do park under a tree, a car cover can safeguard your vehicle from the onslaught.


Your vehicle's paint is only about 0.006 inches thick. Whether indoors or out, when dust sits on your paint it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. By the time you notice them, it's already too late. Both indoor car cover fabrics and outdoor car cover fabrics are designed to keep dust away from the surface of your vehicle.

Theft Deterrent Reference

Though it may only look like a thin layer of fabric, a car cover can do an amazing job at keeping thieves away from your vehicle. Since time is crucial in not getting caught, thieves often pass by covered vehicles, which take longer to get into, and go after easier prey. And, if you add a lock and cable to your car cover, you will not only keep your cover secure, but your vehicle becomes even harder to steal.

Damaging Weather Guide

You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that harsh weather can do a number on your vehicle's finish.



bright sunHarsh UV (ultraviolet) rays and the intense radiant heat of the Sun can cook the color right out of your paint. A car cover is like sunscreen for your vehicle, blocking harmful UV light and preventing photo degradation. And, a lighter colored car cover will yield a reflective cooling effect.


snowIt's not the cold that gets to your vehicle's finish—it's the moisture and salt. These two corrosive cohorts are in cahoots to ravage your paint. Fortunately, a car cover can keep both these culprits away from your vehicle.

Pack Your Ride Away for the Long Haul

Sometimes you gotta store your precious ride for an extended period of time. Whether you're stationed overseas or the inclement weather demands it, car covers are the perfect way to protect your vehicle during long term storage.

For the ultimate protection, cover your car with your standard cover, then wrap it up in a super-protective Car Bubble Much like a giant zip-lock bag for your vehicle, a car storage bag or car jacket will protect your prized ride for the long haul.

Remember, before you store, always clean the interior thoroughly to prevent any gag-inducing odors that could fester over time. And, give the exterior paint and chrome a proper wash, scrub, wax and seal before wrapping it up for storage. This prevents dust and grime from being ground into the finish by the cover.

The fundamental advantages of Autotecnica car covers

A good fitting car cover is specially tailored to the lines of your vehicle. No detail is left unturned. Custom-fit car covers hug every contour of your vehicle. Plus, many of these made-to-measure car covers sport sewn-in mirror pockets and grommet holes for antennas.

You can go to our range of Custom Fit Car Covers here

On the other hand, low-quality universal-fit car covers are baggy and can slip, slide and rub against your paint, destroying your finish. Additionally, the poor fit allows the harsh elements to creep in at every gap and defeat the purpose of the cover.

The specialized cut of a custom-fit car cover is far and away the best choice to wrap up and protect your vehicle.

A Guide to Selecting the Correct Car Cover for Your vehicle

  • Where you park and how often you use your vehicle
  • The weather in your area
  • What color is right for your vehicle and storage needs

Where You Park and How Often You Use Your vehicle

Where you park and how often you use your vehicle may be the most important factor in choosing your car cover. Whether it's your daily commuter, your hot rod, classic cruiser or Sunday car, AutoAnything has a variety of car covers to suit your needs.

  • When you park outside and cover up every day, you may want to choose a lightweight outdoor car cover that's simple to use and easy to fold. The lightest cover available is the Autotecnica TYVEC, and it folds up to about the size a football for easy storage in your trunk, backseat or storage bag.
  • For those who park in crowded lots or on streets with children at play and heavy pedestrian traffic, a thicker, heavyweight outdoor car cover that provides some dent and ding protection is best. Slip on an Evolution car cover for a substantial defense against body blows.
  • If you garage your vehicle and frequently cover and uncover it, a lightweight indoor car cover is ideal. For an easy-to-wrangle cover, go with a Satin Stretch car cover or Dustop car cover.
  • Choose a heavier indoor car cover to keep your classic ute safe for long-term storage. Look into a a Ute Cover  for this parking situation.
  • A super-soft indoor car cover lets you pamper your "baby" and keep it safe and secure. Again, the Satin Stretch car cover and Tan Flannel car cover both caress your auto's finish with downy protection. You can go to our range of Custom Fit Car Covers here

The Weather in Your Area

The ideal car cover for your vehicle is greatly influenced by your local weather. Many materials have been developed to deal with specific inclement weather conditions.

Rainy parts of the country like the Pacific Northwest and Deep South would demand an outdoor car cover with exceptional water resistance. For example, Stormguard car covers and Noah car covers both deliver top-notch protection during even the nastiest storms.

The coastal areas along the Pacific and Indian Oceans need a car cover that will protect from and last in salty air. The marine-grade Hail protection Cover stands up against the briniest environments, and this car cover puts up a strong defense as well.

bright sun on car covers and shelterIn the sunniest zones of the country like WA and Queensland a car cover with extra UV and photo degradation protection, capable of looking after your vehicle in the worst hail, and reflective properties makes the most sense. Autotecnica premium hail protection car covers block the most rays and the hail, and StormProof car covers strongly fend off the sun as well.

Tips on What Color is Right for Your vehicle and Storage Needs

available colors Car Covers and ShelterCar covers are offered in an array of colors, but picking the right hue isn't solely a matter of personal taste. Here are a few tips and points of reference to help you with your choice.

A Guide to Selecting an Outdoor Car Cover for Your vehicle

When choosing which outdoor car cover is right for your vehicle, consider the following and reference Car Covers and Shelter chart belowhttps://b.cdnbrm.com/images/website/research_guide/car_cover/chart_outdoor.jpg

  • External Influences
  • Type of Usage
  • Added Security

External Influences

Weather, roaming pets or any number of man-made or natural hazards can lay waste to your vehicle's finish.

  • All-weather protection

  • If you live where the weather changes with the season—rainy springs, hot summers, windy autumns, snowy winters or any combination—we advise a car cover that offers all-weather protection for your vehicle. The Noah car cover and WeatherShield HD car cover, for example, give you versatile fortification no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

  • Rain

    Some areas such as the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South get more rain than others and require better water resistance. The best outdoor car cover fabrics will shed the most water, especially the Noah and StormProof materials.
  • Snow

    Snow that piles up on a car cover will eventually melt. On the best car covers, only minimal amounts of moisture will seep through; however, no car cover is completely waterproof. That's because the fabric must be able to breathe in order to stop moisture from building up under the cover, where it can fester and ruin your finish.
  • Acid rain

    Some car cover fabrics, such as  Evolution, are even specially designed to keep out the damaging contaminants found in acid rain.
  • Dirt / dust

    Dusty environments such as the desert Southwest demand a car cover that will the prevent dirt and dust from sifting through the material. Drape your prized ride with a Stormguard car cover to stop dirt from spoiling your paintwork.
  • UV (sun) damage and photo degradation

    UV rays can bake your interior and cook your finish into a flakey crust. Most outdoor car cover fabrics have heat-reflective properties and provide 100% UV protection. For the greatest shield against solar rays, go with a Stormguard car cover. Its fabric was originally designed for use on boats, which sit in the sun their entire lives.
  • Bird droppings

    The acidic properties of bird droppings can cause discoloration and even eat into your paint. Many outdoor car cover fabrics will not allow bird droppings to permeate the material and make its way to your vehicle's paint. From the Triguard car cover all the way up to the WeatherShield HD car cover, outdoor car covers keep the bird drizzle off your vulnerable finish.
  • Tree sap

    Tree sap is difficult to remove from your vehicle's paint. Select a car cover that will stop most types of tree sap from reaching the paint finish. Both the Evolution car cover and WeatherShield car cover stop that sticky goo from wreaking havoc on your auto.

Type of Usage

Covered Car covers and shelterWhich outdoor car cover you choose not only depends on external conditions, but on how often and where you plan on using it.

  • Lightweight outdoor car covers - easy on and off

    Drivers who park their vehicle on quiet streets or in driveways and cover / uncover often prefer a lightweight car cover, such as the WeatherShield. A lightweight car cover for your vehicle is easier to remove, faster to fold and stores in a smaller space.
  • Heavyweight outdoor car covers - ding and dent protectors
    For those who often park their vehicle in crowded lots at night, on busy street with lots of traffic, or plan on long-term outdoor parking, a thicker car cover can provide some dent and ding protection. Go with a Noah car cover or a Evolution car cover for some extra cushion.

Added Security

Cover lockGranted, an outdoor car cover is not Ft. Knox, but that layer of cloth delivers more protection than you'd think.

  • Out of sight out of mind

    How many times have you shuffled things around in your vehicle to hide purses, electronics or other items of value? A car cover keeps valuables out of sight and out of the would-be criminal's mind.
  • Timing is everything

    Any good thief knows he needs to get in and out of your vehicle quickly in order to avoid getting caught in the act. When presented with the choice of a covered vehicle or an uncovered vehicle, the choice is obvious. And, when you add a lock and cable, you get an extra level of security that's sure to scare away even the most determined thieves. A Guide to Selecting an Indoor Car Cover for Your vehicle

    When choosing which indoor car cover is right for your vehicle, consider how you'll use it and then reference the ratings chart above. You can go to our range of Custom Fit Car Covers here

    Type of Usage

    Which indoor car cover you choose depends on how often you use your vehicle and your garage environment.

    • Lightweight indoor car covers - easy on, easy off

      Drivers who take their garage-kept cars out often and cover / uncover typically prefer a lightweight indoor car cover. A lightweight car cover for your vehicle is easier to remove, fold, store, and put back on. A Form Fit car cover or Satin Stretch car cover are light enough for effortless daily use.
    • Heavier indoor car covers - ding and dent stoppers
      When your garage is the thruway for the kids and pets or it moonlights as the groundskeeper's shed, a thicker cover can prevent bumps, thumps or other mishaps. And, for those who plan to leave their vehicle under cover for extended periods of time or just use their baby on weekends, it's reassuring to have a thicker layer of protection that comes from a Tan Flannel car cover or Dustop car cover.


    Your indoor car cover will need to do more than cover your vehicle.

    • Breathability

      A breathable indoor car cover will dispel condensation and heat that gets trapped between your vehicle and the fabric. The Dustop car cover and Satin Stretch car cover allow air to flow freely through their fabrics.
    • Dust blocking

      Your vehicle's paint is only about 0.006 inches thick. When dust settles on your paint, it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. By the time you notice them, it's already too late. A good indoor car cover is designed to keep dust away from the surface of your vehicle and keep the paint looking great. Dress your cherished cruiser with a Form Fit car cover or a Tan Flannel car cover to keep gritty dust off.
    • Finish pampering

      Putting a soft, non-abrasive layer against your paint surface is as important as any exterior protection a car cover may provide. The best indoor car cover fabrics feature a soft, silky paint-pampering lining. The downy lining of the Satin Stretch car cover, Form Fit car cover and Dustop car cover sit cozily and safely on your cherry paintjob.
    • Mildew / Rot resistant

      When moisture is expelled or collects on the exterior of an indoor car cover, mildew can form and the cover could rot. Most indoor car cover fabrics are treated with inhibitors to minimize mildew and rot. Slip on a Tan Flannel car cover or Dustop car cover to avoid decay for years of dependable service.
    The Basics of Specialty Truck Covers for Your vehicle

    ute covers car covers and shelterA specialty ute cover features:

    • Custom-made to fit your ute or wagon with a standard cab-high shell
    • Available in the same indoor or outdoor fabrics as our car covers
    • Soft liner is safe for your paint
    • Material is breathable to allow heat and moisture to escape
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Most equipped with grommets for locking cable, antenna
    Outdoor Car Cover Fabrics

    Utilize this car cover resource guide to find advice, hints and tips on choosing the right outdoor car cover fabric for your vehicle.


    Car covers and shelter station wagon coversThe light-weight WeatherShield car cover fabric employs a patented encapsulation process, originally developed for high-performance outdoor sportswear. The result is a car cover fabric that delivers maximum paint protection from the elements without the bulk, making it easier to handle and store.

    The special encapsulation process surrounds woven polyester fabric with an ultra-thin film and a durable, breathable barrier. Traditional coatings and laminations only protect one side of the car cover fabric. The WeatherShield car cover fabric uses up to 40 computerized steps to place protective polymers inside the fabric to shed water, dust, bird droppings, tree sap and industrial pollutants.

    WeatherShield fabricThe high-strength, polyester base fabric is naturally UV-resistant. To make the WeatherShield car cover more resistant to the rigors of sun exposure, UV inhibitors have been added to the polymers to help slow-down naturally-occurring degradation.

    • Weatherproof

      WeatherShield fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the car cover, leaving your vehicle dry.
    • Superior Dry Time

      Because WeatherShield car cover fabric sheds moisture, it has an absorption factor of only 2%, compared with up to 40% for standard woven and non-woven fabrics. That means, if the car cover has been sitting out in the rain, just shake it out and it's practically dry.
    • Breathable

      WeatherShield car cover fabric allows any heat or condensation that builds up under the cover to easily escape.
    • UV-resistant

      Special additives in the WeatherShield fabric prevent UV degradation while protecting your vehicle's paint and interior.
    • Dust-proof

      The WeatherShield car cover fabric's patented fiber encapsulation process prevents dust from filtering through the fabric.
    • Scratch-less

      Polymers provide a silky smooth finish to the fabric and provide superior paint protection. WeatherShield fabric has been tested at 1,000 cycles on abrasion wheels without scratching (surface must be clean and waxed).
    • Durable

      The encapsulation process is not affected by heat or cold and the process won't degrade over the life of the WeatherShield car cover fabric.
    • Easy Care

      Unlike non-woven fabrics, you can clean most car-size WeatherShield car covers in your home washer and dryer.
    • Packs small and Light

      The WeatherShield car cover packs into 1/4 to 1/2 the volume of standard multi-layer, non-woven fabrics.

    All Weather Stormguard

    The All Weather Stormguard car cover fabric was developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage. The WeatherShield HD car cover fabric delivers UV resistance, repels water, blocks dust, tree sap and bird droppings, and is still breathable to allow moisture and heat to escape from under the cover.

    Even the best covers will eventually absorb waterThe base material for WeatherShield HD car cover is woven by Glen Raven Mills for CoverCraft using solution-dyed UV-resistant polyester fibers. Not only is the fabric solution dyed, the 300 denier construction is 40% heavier than the regular WeatherShield car cover fabric, doubling the tear and tensile strength.

    WeatherShield HD fabricThis superior base fabric is then finished with the same patented encapsulation process used on the WeatherShield car cover fabric. Using up to 40 computer controlled proprietary processes, specially-formulated polymers are forced inside the car cover fabric to bond to each individual thread and fill the valleys between the woven fibers. These special polymers have amazing elasticity to block moisture and dirt, while still maintaining the breathability of the cover.

    Who needs a WeatherShield HD car cover? People who live in intense sun climates and along the coast will benefit most from this car cover fabric. Plus, owners looking for the best cover for long-term storage.


    car covers and shelter premium hailCoverCraft's Noah car cover fabric actually stops water, yet it "breathes" to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage or condensation to easily evaporate. The unique construction process results in a car cover with maximum all-weather protection. Noah car cover fabric delivers exceptional water resistance, dust resistance, UV resistance and breathability to expel moisture and/or heat. The Noah car cover fabric weighs a mere 4.45 oz./sq. yd., so it's still very easy to handle and fold. Noah is made in the US by Kimberly-Clark.

    • Protective Outer Layers

      The inner core of the Noah car cover fabric is polypropylene for strength, with a polyethylene wrap for softness. The silver-gray color was selected because of its heat-resistant properties. The fabric is also treated with UV inhibitors, making it safe for extended outdoor use.
    • Micro-Porous Middle Layer

      Noah fabricThe barrier layer is a proprietary breathable stretch-film developed exclusively for Kimberly-Clark. The film is stretched and subjected to a chemical process that creates microscopic holes smaller than droplets of water or dust, yet large enough to allow moisture vapor to escape from the Noah car cover.
    • Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer

      A fabric made with polyethylene and nylon. This combination results in an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, with the "soft touch" necessary for a car cover to protect today's water-based paint finishes.


    Sunbrella fabricSunbrella car cover fabric delivers protection and years of service in intense sun areas, like the sun-belt, where UV rays will rapidly degrade the paint and interior. Because of the use of acrylic fibers, which are naturally UV-resistant, Sunbrella has long been the recognized leader in long-wearing marine fabrics for bimini tops, sail covers and deck enclosures, and car covers. Besides marine and automotive uses, Sunbrella fabric is used for commercial awnings due to its ability to providing UV blockage with a rich, woven finish. The acrylic fibers are solution dyed before the fabric is woven to assure the color goes all the way through the fabric. Using a special finish process, the material is then softened for use as a car cover fabric.

    • Long Lasting Strength

      The Sunbrella car cover's acrylic fibers suffer minimal loss of strength from exposure to heat, moisture and UV.
    • Fade-resistant

      Colors are a result of pigments which are actually built into the fibers (solution dyed), instead of just dying the finished fabric.
    • Water-resistant

      Treated for moisture resistance (but remember, this car cover material is primarily for UV protection).
    • Rot / Mildew Resistant

      Acrylic fibers resist growth that occurs in moist environments.

    The Sunbrella car cover is available in Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Gray, Jet Black, and Toast.

    Indoor Car Cover Fabrics

    Study this car cover resource guide to discover hints, advice and helpful tips on selecting the best indoor car cover fabric for your vehicle.


    Made in the U.S., by Kimberly-Clark for CoverCraft, this flannel-like car cover fabric is a 4-layer non-woven composite. It is ultrasonically laminated to provide a high degree of dust protection during indoor car storage, while remaining breathable and soft against any fine paint finish. The Dustop car cover delivers maximum dust protection, yet it's lighter and easier to handle when compared to traditional woven fabrics.

    • Soft But Strong Outer Layers

      The two top layers of the Dustop car cover are constructed from a polypropylene / polyethylene composite. These layers take advantage of the best features of both polymers: the superior softness of polyethylene, with the incredible strength and sure stability of polypropylene.
    • Dust Barrier

      A melt-blown polypropylene layer serves as a barrier to most dust, dirt and pollution. Dustop's multi-layer construction provides substantially better dust protection when compared to traditional woven, single-layer fabric car covers.
    • Softest, Paint Protecting Inner Layer

      The high-loft polypropylene / polyethylene inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle's paint finish. These are the same materials designed by Kimberly-Clark for some of their softest baby diapers. And if it's soft enough for a baby's skin, the Dustop car cover has to be soft against your vehicle's paint.

    The Dustop car cover is available in Taupe

    Tan Flannel

    Crafted with traditional enthusiast in mind, the Tan Flannel car cover fabric caresses your paint finish with an ultra-soft touch. Designed primarily for indoor storage use, this woven cover is constructed from a durable poly-cotton blend.

    • Flannel Underside

      Soft, napped finish.
    • Long Wearing

      Over 50% heavier than entry level car cover fabrics.
    • Breathable

      Allows moisture to evaporate and will not trap heat under cover.
    • Water-resistant

      Treated for moisture repellency.
    • Rot, Mildew Resistant

      Treated to resist rot and mildew.


    Form-fit fabricDesigned for cars that are not daily drivers, CoverCraft's Form Fit car cover fabric offers a body-hugging fit and a super-soft inside to pamper your vehicle's fine paint finish.

    CoverCraft starts with an outer shell of woven polyester that has Lycra / Spandex® added to the yarns to create stretch and memory - the stretch provides the body-hugging fit and the memory assures the car cover will retain its shape over an extended period of time (CoverCraft's Form Fit car cover has a 4-year warranty).

    Cover your Investment Car Covers and ShelterThe Form Fit car cover fabric features inside fibers that are 100% cotton terry loop, sheared to a fleece-like finish. The end result is a 7.4 oz per/sq. yd. material that has a great "hand," or feel.

    This car cover will provide some ding, dent and scratch protection for your garage-kept vehicle. In addition, the fabric is highly breathable to prevent vapor and heat from becoming trapped under the car cover.

    Form Fit car covers are available Red, Black, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Blue or Green. You can go to our range of Custom Fit Car Covers here