Aluminium Bracing set

Add Bracing set for Carport and Shed

  • $50.00

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Bracing Set for Portable Carports and Sheds

Available with free freight if ordered with a portable carport only!

Aluminium Bracing Sets are recommended for all Portable Carports.

It is essential to use a bracing set in areas with high winds.

They are primarily recommended for customers who require extra strength in areas with higher wind conditions. While all portable carports come with standard stability, bracing sets are ideal for those who want additional reinforcement, especially for carports exceeding standard dimensions.

We advise customers to consider purchasing bracing sets, particularly for carports with wall heights exceeding 3.1 meters. 

Aluminium Bracing Kit

  • Light and rust free
  • Comes with a top bracing and two corner bracing
  • Easy to secure the frame of the Shade Shed

Note: - You will be invoiced for freight if ordered on their own. Free freight with your Portable Carport order.

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