Add Anchor for Carport and Shed

  • $50.00

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Aluminium Ground Spikes for Anchoring your Portable Carport

Available with free freight if ordered with a portable carport only!

Your Portable carport MUST be firmly anchored to the ground as it could easily move or blow over in a high wind.

The Portable carports are supplied with bolt to secure the carport to a concrete slab. However, we recommend the use of these anchors for installation on the ground.

A minimum of 6 (six) anchors should be used with single carports and a minimum of 8 (eight) with double carports. The higher the carport, the more anchors you should use.

Carport anchors are devices used to secure and stabilize a portable carport,  To ensure that carports remain stable during adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or storms, it is crucial to anchor them firmly to the ground using carport anchors.

In Australia, the choice of anchors for carports is significantly influenced by extreme weather conditions. Factors such as wind rating, soil type, and corrosion factors (for example, high salinity and humidity in coastal areas) play a crucial role in determining the type and strength of anchors needed for carports. 

Note: - You will be invoiced for freight if ordered on their own. Free freight with your Portable Carport order.