Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY

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Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY

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Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY  -

Cantilever Style Flat Roof

Price includes delivery to your nearest depot (local depots (click here).  

Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY single DIY 3m x 5.1m Plus other sizes.

Not available on ZIP Pay -ask for a freight quote before ordering

Best Choice for Carports, Bus shelters, Pool Shade, School Shade and Shelter.

Great for Sports Ground Shade and Shelter and anywhere requiring heat and shade reduction!

Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY - SIZES

Awning/Carport 5.1m x 3m

Awning/Carport 5.8m x 3m

Awning/Carport 4.3m x 3m 

Awning/Carport 5.1m x 3.3m   (3 legs)

Awning/Carport 5.8m x 3.3m  (3 legs)

Awning/Carport 4.3m x 3.3m       

Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY

Please note the PJR5130 is a standard stock item - other sizes may be special order. Also the wider PJR5833, 5133 and 4333 (3.3m wide) have 3 legs.

  • the original Japanese design to full Australian Standards
  • Precision made - virtually no drilling or cutting required
  • be wary of cheap foreign copies - they are likely unsuitable for Australia
  • Cantaport Cantilever awnings and carports, don't be fooled with cheap imitations - Car Covers and Shelter
  • A Cantilever carport that brings elegance to the outside of your home
  • Original Japanese design and construction
  • Don't be fooled by inferior Chinese copies
  • Best delivered price for Cantaports
  • Polycarbonate roofing shields 99% UV rays and reduces heat by 83% but allows over 50% of the light to pass through
  • Whole structure is fully certified to Australian standards

DIY Carport Guide:-





Dimensions and loading a Cantaport for transport click here

Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY can be configured in many ways :-

Multiple ways of configuring Cantaports - Car Covers and Shelter

The PJF5130 is wind rated to 147kph.



      Installation - DIY or we can help in Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth. Contact us on 0421 924 150.

      Cantaport awning and carport information sheet 

      Moving a vehicle, car, bike, trailer or caravan is made easier without having to contend with 4 or even 6 poles. With space fast becoming the prominent factor in small lots, a Cantilever Carport offers a real alternative design. A Cantalever car port is a popular alternative to having an additional garage built to protect a car, boat or caravan or a fantastic shade solution for anywhere in the garden.

      • Architecturally designed to enhance any area with minimum impact
      • Seamless and slim-line finish is achieved through the flow and continuity of materials
      • Built in gutters and rainwater down pipes result in efficient, fuss-free complete and practical structures.

      Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY

      Cantaport consists only of high-quality materials. State-of-the-art Japanese technology, pre-drilled easy installation, no cutting and supplied with screws and bolts. 

      Featuring a tough anodised aluminium chassis and Heat Protect solid polycarbonate sheets you are ensured a corrosion-free, termite-free, long-lasting shading system. 

      Cantaport is the science of cantilevering with the use of only 2 poles. Three sides remain completely clear minimising the aesthetic impact on the environment. 

      They also make the ideal swimming pool shade cover or patio cover giving style to your home and adding value.

      Easy to install Cantaport Carport Kit

      Contact us on 0421 924 150, we may be able to help with a local installer. DIY Extracts from installation guide for cantilever carport for a couple of handymen - should be up in less than a day. Pay your local Handyman for a few hours work if you are not confident to erect it yourself.

      Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat Roof DIY

      • Easy installation - can only be done one way with no drilling or cutting
      • Exceptional strength, polycarbonate solid sheet.
      • Impact ability 250-300 times of that of glass.
      • Excellent quality and design will enhance your home
      • Carport, patio, pool shade or any other purpose for shade and shelter around the home.
      • Built in gutters and rainwater down pipes give an efficient, fuss-free complete practical structure
      • Base plate installation is an option. Specification requirements Concrete base to be a min. 220mm thick reinforced. The base plate is $150.00+gst per posts.

      Cantilever Carport Cantaport Flat roof DIY - Colour Choices

      Two popular colour options - Silver or Urban Grey. On a SPECIAL ORDER we can supply in White, Dark Bronze and Black. Amazing Polycarbonate roof in Blue Smoke. State your preferred colour when ordering. The 147kph wind rating will suit most of Australia.  wait of a couple of weeks is sometimes necessary.

      Smaller awnings and patio covers are available on request, usually through special order.

      Other options are available on special orders

      Freight is included to your nearest depot (local depots (click here)

      Cantaport carport brochure here

       Cantaport Connection kits Car Covers and shelterPJF Carport Car Covers and Shelter

      NB : A Carport may need local council approval info here.

      Dimensions and loading a Cantaport for transport click here

      Customer Reviews

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      Very Happy

      Hi Bill, I am very happy with the final result. We managed to follow the instructions ok and no pieces over.
      A product that will advertise itself I'm sure.
      Thank you for your help along the way.
      We have had some wind and it is still up.

      Elmar Jones

      Easy to erect, looks great and thanks for a great service

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