Car Cover Ultimate Hail Protection - Sedan, SUV, UTE

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Car Cover Ultimate Hail Protection - Sedan, SUV, UTE

Note: The 35/139 (4.9m SUV Cover) Is currently Out Of Stock in Australia. We Suggest the Premium Hail Cover 35/149 as a Replacement.                                                                       
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Car Cover Ultimate Hail Protection - Sedan, SUV, UTE -The Ultimate Hail Protection Car Cover.

Size for most cars, SUV'sand Utes - All weather padded outdoor hail proof cover protection made for Australia

You'll not find a better price! - Reduced price Meguire's car care products to add as accessories for car cover customers!

Australia's top selling hail protection! Don't be fooled by others offering "Hail protection covers" - unless it has a padded layer, its not hail protection!

Your buying Checklist - Sedan, SUV, UTE:-

  • You need one of these
  • Best available hail cover in Australia - all of the many reviews are 5 star!
  • Best price you've found on the internet
  • Respected international brand name
  • NSW based authorised distributer - we'll be here next year and your warranty is honoured
  • Spend a couple of hundred dollars now and save $'000 on your no-claim insurance bonus!
  • Go to checkout!

Padded protection gives hail protection. By their nature, good hail covers are well-padded. The padding makes them quite bulky but not heavy. The Ultimate Hail protection cover is more bulky than the others.

  • There are 3 ranges of hail cover available. This newer Ultimate range protects your whole vehicle - top, windows and sides!

  • The Premium Hail Protection cover is very popular. It gives protection to the top and sides to below the windows of your vehicle.

  • Less Expensive is the Hail Cover which offers protection to the top of your vehicle only.

This Ultimate Hail Protection Cover COMES IN 7 DIFFERENT SIZES TO FIT ALL SEDANS AND SUV - 4X4 OPTION - Also 35/137 for station wagon hail cover. This is the 'top of the range' Waterproof car cover and hail proof car cover:

Best Hail Blanket cover available for:-

  • Hail protection for sedans and hatchbacks

  • SUV hail Protection

  • Double Cab Ute Hail protection cover

Ultimate Hail Cover by Autotecnica- Car Covers and Shelter

Suitable for all-weather protection. If you care about your car and want to protect it from our harsh Australian climate, then this is the cover for you. Protect your car from rain, hail damage, dirt and scratches. Better a small spend now than lose a large no-claims bonus and the hassle of hail damage repair!

Full Vehicle Protection - Waterproof car cover and hail proof car cover:

  • Non-Abrasive backing fabric to protect paint work
  • Full protection of car duco and interior from harmful sun rays
  • 6mm compressed polyester between layers for hail protection
  • 4mm compressed polyester on whole side for hail protection - whole vehicle is protected from hail storm
  • Double stitched high resistant P.E waterproof fabrics
  • Features security holding straps and elastic hems for a secure fit
  • Sizes available for most passenger & 4wd vehicles
  • Fitted with 4 Anti-Condensation air breather
  • Protects against HAIL, rain, wind, trees, droppings, cold and sun.

SIZES AVAILABLE - Waterproof car cover and hail proof car cover:

35/138          Small Fits Car Up To 400cm

35/135          Medium Fits Cars Up To 444cm

35/136          Large Fits Cars Up To 490cm

35/137          XLarge Fits Cars Up To 527cm

35/134        SUV,  4WD Medium Fits Vehicles Up To 450cm

35/139        SUV, 4WD Large Fits Vehicles Up To 490cm

35/131        SUV, 4WD X Large Fits Vehicles Up To 540cm

35/132        Double Cab UTE Hail cover fits Ute up to 5.4m (but only 5.2m with roof rack or snorkel) - ideal for Ford Truck, Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu Ute, Mitsubishi Triton, Great Wall Cannon, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, etc.

    See best-selling Premium Hail Cover with window protection here with special Hail Protection Van covers or People Mover Cover.

    See less expensive alternative (no side protection) the Hail Proof Car Cover

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Great Service

      We purchased the hail cover for our LDV D90, and it works great! Hasn’t hailed at all lol. Seriously tho, is a great padded cover. Possibly a little big, but the next size down was too small. Great purchase from a friendly helpful team


      Took a long time to arrive but at least it fits perfectly on the GWM. No hail test yet and it's a 2 person job to fold it up though. I do think it was worth the wait and a good purchase, quality is there and as described.



      Ultimate hail cover

      Excellent product and great service. Have tried a couple of cheaper ones but this cover is the best. Purchased 3 months ago for 200 series Landcruiser reasonably easy to fit and remove.should last a long time.

      Good protection

      Came 2 days after ordering. It's a big cover and very well padded. It would take some monster hail to get through the cover. A very good product

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