Portable Carport - Double Vertical roof style

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Portable Carports - Double and Triple Carports - Vertical Roof Style

Price includes delivery to your local depot (check here), (excess for NT and Tasmania)

See photographs - the Vertical Style is stronger and recommended for stronger wind condition. Roof panels run from peak to sides and the carports are wider than the less expensive "wrapped style". (see wrapped carport here)

Portable Carports - Variety of sizes to suit, Vertical roof style

Prices include delivery to your local depot ( Phone for Tasmania and NT excess freight cost - Not available in WA)

Suitable for Caravan Carport, 

RV carport or SUV or Sedan Carport.

Ask for Home Delivery quote - Deliver to your local depot FREE (check here)

Delivered to your local depot (check here tracking sent in 48 hours from order.

These portable gable roof carports are the perfect outdoor structure shade solution for an RV, Car, SUV, Caravan, boat or trailer from Easycarport. Protect your vehicle from the harsh sun and elements under a metal roof supported by a fully galvanised hollow sections frame. Available in three popular colours and a variety of sizes.

Renting? A Portable Carport could be your solution!

Ideal for building sites or renters - take your carport with you when you move!

(Looking for a less expensive flat roof carport look here priced from UNDER $1500.

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Portable Carport - Double Vertical roof style Carport Kit sizes

6200 x 6000 x 2400 (3200 Apex)

6200 x 6000 x 3200 (3900 Apex)

6200 x 9000 x 3200 (3900 Apex) (triple carport)

6200 x 7500 x 3200 (3900 Apex)

6200 x 9000 x 2800 (3700 Apex)

  • Versatile shelter for your boat, caravan or motor home
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Can be secured to either earth or concrete
  • Ask, other sizes may be available
  • Fully transportable

Protect your valuable assets from the elements:-

  • Steel roof coated in zinc /aluminium alloy for long life
  • Supported by a galvanised frame 60x60x1.8mm
  • Easy installation, clip together without any welding.

Vertical Roof Portable Carports Double Carport and Triple Carport Dimensions

  • Designed for anyone to erect
  • Supplied as a pre-engineered kit.
  • Swaged fit (Molded frames) for an easy process of simply joining them together.    Swage fit on portable carport - Car Covers and shelter
  • NO need for a concrete slab
  • Ground anchors, Dyna bolts for concrete, are included with the standard product. (see anchors below)
Aluminium Bracing

Buy Aluminium bracing set in 'accessories' if your carport is 3.1m or higher. Aluminium bracing set - recommended for extra strength, particularly in high wind areas

    Transportable Shade Shed - Pick your size and colour!

    Your Portable Shade Shed is available in multiple sizes and various clearance heights. Three popular colour options:-

    • Cream
    • Charcoal
    • Pine Green

    Portable Double Carport Kit and Triple Carport Kits

    The Double Portable Carport Kits and The Triple Portable Carport Kits are the ideal shade solution for industrial or household assets like motor vehicles, machinery, caravans, motor homes, horse floats, boats, camper trailers, and much more!

    The Portable carport is easy to install and can be used for any shade requirement!

     Portable Carport Installation is easy:-

    Anchors - Portable Carports

    photo of ground anchor for portable carports

    A portable carport must be anchored to the ground. At the very least, these carports need ballast like heavy sandbags or concrete blocks. Choose your choice of anchor with your order from the add-on Accessories.

    1. Ground Anchors

    We recommend a minimum of Eight (8) ground anchors for a double portable carport.

    2. Dyna Bolts

    Ground anchors, Dyna bolts for concrete, are included with the standard product. These must be used for anchoring to a concrete slab. 


    specifications for portable double and triple carports


    This product is supplied through Easycarport and comes with a minimum 5-year warranty,  

    Council Requirements for Transportable Shelters

    In general, you should not require a permit as a Portable Carport shelter is designed to be portable and isn’t a permanent structure.

    Your Local Building Regulations

    You must comply with your local building regulations. These regulations differ considerably between local councils. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check any local regulations on temporary structures before purchasing. Some local authorities may specify the type of anchors to be used and other safety factors.

    Temporary vs. Permanent Installation

    Even temporary installations must be securely anchored. These are not sold as permanent structures which typically musty comply with all local building codes and regulations and require more robust installation such as concreting the legs in-ground.

    Maintenance and Durability

    Anchors must be corrosion-resistant and durable. This is particularly important in saline and humid environments. Regular checks and necessary maintenance are essential. Your anchors must always remain effective.  

    Liability Disclaimer:

    Car Covers and Shelter is not liable for damages or legal issues arising from non-compliance with local laws or use beyond intended temporary purposes.

    Try our Budget Skillion - under $1300 and almost as easy to install - click here. (make your carports portable)

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     Easy Transportable Carports (6x6x 2.8 illustration)

    portable carport ute pick up  portable carport pick uptransportable carport dimensions


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