Indoor car cover showroom cover -3 Colour & 4 Sizes

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    Autotecnica Authorised Dealer secure logo Car Covers and Shelter              The Autotecnica Show Car Cover is suitable for indoor use only - In 4 sizes and 3 colours - a FIVE STAR Dust-Proof product

    Reduced price Meguire's car care products to add as accessories for car cover customers! 

    Australia's best quality and lowest price indoor car covers guaranteed for 3 years. Don't pay twice as much for a body-hugging Chinese import too thin to keep your car dust free! Over 10 years as Australia's number one indoor car covers.

      Your buying Checklist :-

      • Best available in this price range in Australia- many 5 star reviews
      • You need one of these to protect your car
      • Don't be fooled by expensive stretch covers of less than 190g/sm that let dust through
      • Best price you've found on the internet
      • Respected, long-term Australian brand name
      • NSW based authorised dealer for all Australia - we'll be here next year and your 3 year warranty is honoured
      • Go to secure checkout!

      The Show Car Cover is the ultimate protection car cover for indoors. It has superior protection from dust and pollutants and is constructed with the most high quality non fad polyester stretchable fabric- 3 year warranty!

      The cover is also specially lined with soft and plush non-abrasive fabric backing

      Please Note:


      (3 Year Warranty)

      (Do not fit to Hot or Wet Vehicle) 

      Kit Includes Storage Bag

      Black (White Stripe) Sizes:

      • Part No: 2/190BK Medium: Up To 4.0M
      • Part No: 2/192BK Medium: Up To 4.5M
      • Part No: 2/196BK Large: Up To: 4.9M
      • Part No: 2/198BK Extra Large: Up To: 5.5M

      Blue (White Stripe) Sizes:

      • Part No: 2/190BU Medium: Up To 4.0M
      • Part No: 2/192BU Medium: Up To 4.5M
      • Part No: 2/196BU Large: Up To: 4.9M
      • Part No: 2/198BU Extra Large: Up To: 5.5M

      Red (White Stripe) Sizes:

      • Part No: 2/190R Medium: Up To 4.0M
      • Part No: 2/192R Medium: Up To 4.5M
      • Part No: 2/196R Large: Up To: 4.9M
      • Part No: 2/198R Extra Large: Up To: 5.5M

      Find the exact best fit car cover for your car

      Features and Benefits:

      Easy to fit

      Elasticized Hem


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