Single Solar Carport

  • $14,939.00

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Single Solar Carport 3.15Kw  -  Small-scale Technology Certificates (solar rebate scheme) will cover installation* (WA and NT see below)

(w 3.097m metres L 5.87m x H 2.6m metres - minimum clearance 2.45m))

  • #Beams and purlins galvanised silver; flashings in any Colorbond colour 
  • Cyclonic Wind rating C3

A quality skillion Solar Ready carport will cost around $6000 fully installed - much better value. 

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Dimensions Single Solar Carport

  • Minimum height 2450mm
  • Roof layout  3097mm x 5976mm

Single Solar Carport - What you are buying

  • Installed* and working single carport structure and fittings including panels and inverter. In most installations, the STC's (solar rebate) will cover the full cost of installation. (Installation to the inverter)
  • Free delivery
Double solar residential carport - Car Covers and Shelter

Solarport manufacturer of 3.15kw Car Covers and Shelter and solarcarportsonline  Solarport solar car parks.

The solar carports have been developed by SOLARPORT commercial solar car park manufacturer one of Australia's undisputed leading Commercial Solar Car park and Solar Carport structure solutions providers.

You can be assured that this third generation of the first domestic solar carport for the residential market in Australia will be as efficient and robust as the commercial products that have make Solarport an industry leader

Efficient Solar Panels

Solar panels are supplied by Astroenergy one of the largest and most innovative Tier 1 solar panel brands.

    • options to add to a solar carport

      See panel information here

         Inverter made by Sungrow

        Sungrow 5KTL Grid Connected inverter

        The solar inverter is the most sophisticated part of any grid-tie solar system and unfortunately it’s also the part most likely to have issues. This is not surprising considering inverters are usually located outside in harsh weather conditions including rain, humidity and extreme heat, all while generating thousands of watts of power for up to 10 hours a day. This is why it’s important to use a quality inverter and mount it in a sheltered location if possible. The Sungrow SG5KTL is one of the best value inverters available.

        Single Solar Carport 

        Solar Carport 3.15 kw Single bay carport is the 3nd generation of residential solar carports offered by Car Covers and Shelter and our sister business solarcarportsonline.

        • Price includes structure, solar panels and inverter. In nearly all cases, the STC's (solar rebate) will cover the full cost of installation*.
        • Information on the highly efficient inverter (Sungrow) can be found here.
        • 3rd generation of the first residential Solar Carport on the Australian market!
        • Constructed and designed in Australian by Solarport .
        • These solar panels will have a 120 month product warranty
        • Steel uprights and purlins; panel rail supports are alloy#
        • 10 year warranty

        The solar installation rebate pays for installation*

        Download brochure by clicking here.

        * Delivery and Installation Process.

        This product when purchased and installed will generate STC's (Small-scale Technology Certificates). Once STC's are created and validated, these certificates act as a form of currency that can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system. Upon order placement a list of installers and accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council) Electricians is provided that can assist with this process and can facilitate installation including delivery of goods.

        Your Choice

        Alternatively clients can choose their own local accredited CEC Electrician to provide the Solar installation and expedite the STC redemption process. For further details on the STC creation and validation process please follow the link

        Get STC's back from your installer

        In other words, you will assist your chosen installer to apply for the STC's. In nearly all cases, this will be enough to pay for installation of the structure and all electrical work up to the inverter. If the inverter is close to a your suitable electrical box, then installation will cost nothing.

        How to Purchase Single Solar Carport 3.2 kw Single Carport

        1. Do your own due diligence. Check the allocated size of land that where you want to erect the carport; check you have an adequate area for its installation, ensure there is no major shadowing by any structures of trees or high buildings that will obstruct direct sunlight on the panels. Your order is undertaken on the understanding that you have done your due diligence and that the structure will fit the area. Returns caused by 'change of mind' can not be accepted on a solar carport kit. Some helpful information here.
        2. Contact us at or phone 0425 230 866 and arrange for a written quote for delivery and installation (see above)
        3. If you require full engineering drawings, a 10% non-refundable deposit will need to be paid. (In most cases you should be able to get any necessary permission(s) with the drawings supplied on this site)
        4. You will be contacted by a local authorised installer (or choose your own) to organise installation.
        5.  Assist your installer in claiming the STC's for your new solar carport.
        6. In 3-5 weeks, we will be in touch to inform you that your solar carport is now ready for shipment.
        7. Pay the balance owing by direct deposit. It is too large a transaction for Paypal to handle and payment delays may occur.
        8. Your carport will be delivered and installation can begin.

        Financial sense to buy a Solar Carport and - easy purchase option

        A cost-effective way to purchase and install your new solar carport is by re-drawing on your current mortgage. Typically, a $10,000 re-draw @ 4.0% will only add around $7.70 per week in interest to your weekly outgoings. A 6.3 Kw solar carport should generate around 24kw per day. You are currently paying around 30c or more per kw in most of Australia, so generating 30c x 24= $7.20 per day which is $50.40 per week in your pocket if you are using all the power generated. The feed-in tariff would be less than 30c, normally between 8c-15c per kw.   NOTE: ( In Adelaide, which is similar to Sydney, each 1kw should produce around 4kw of power on average each day)-

        Single Solar Carport

        Yes, full standard install* is covered by the STC's (solar rebate). Everything else covered in the price - no more to pay!

        Solar Carport 3.15 kw Single Carport Dimensions - big enough for your SUV's

        Height : 2.6m (Note: minimum clearance is 2.45m)

        Width : 3m car space

        Length :  5.87m

        Solar output : 3.15 kw

        Freight Free to all Metro areas ($350+GST freight to regional Australia - more than 100km from CBD)

        • The first residential solar carports on the Australian market
        • High quality, made for Australian and designed for Australia by Australia's leading commercial carport manufacturer SOLARPORT.
        • 10 year product solar panel warranty and 10 year structural warranty
        • A Solar panel Carport installation is more efficient than most roof installations

        Single Solar Carport

        Solar Carports have been available in Europe, Asia and the USA for many years. They have been a popular alternative to standard carports or shelters. It has taken Australia some time to catch up with this technology. While a few smaller companies have made some residential solar carports in Australia, they have been custom made and relatively expensive. We are proud to offer you the first Australian made Solar Carport for the residential market. 

        Solar Carport 3.15 kw Single Carport $9377.63+GST (WA $10527.63 and NT $11,112.63)

        # Structure and purlins are galvanised steel and Ecorail is marine grade aluminium

        Single Solar Carport

        This Solarport system has an inherent water management system that is integrated within the structure. The unique IP protected design provides an integrated water management system that has a channel design and proprietary sealing system to capture water egress and direct it to a guttering and down pipe system.

        Proprietary water management system

        The proprietary water management system is extremely efficient and tested to be watertight, however is dependent on the volume of rainfall the system is subjected to.

        Solar Carport Optional Extras

        Optional Powder Coating (Posts, Cabinet, Bracing) Slab Mount add $1430.00

        Optional Powder Coating (Posts, Cabinet, Bracing) In Pier Mount) add $1614.50

        Upgrade to Enphase Microinverters Including Cable Management equipment

        Microinverters are a good option that suit applications with shading and also if you don’t want an inverter hanging off the carport

        Single-$1,632.70 Ex GST

        RV chargers and Storage batteries can be quoted by your installer.

        Solarport Australia now has a new innovative under cladding system for solar carports.

        The new under cladding design option provides a “click lock” locking system that secures the metal cladding to the underside of Solarport Carpark structures.

        This new system has great aesthetics while providing features such as component and wiring concealment together with vermin deterrent.


        From a functionality aspect the "click lock" undercladding system allows easy access to the panels,wiring and components should the need arise to service any of the underside of the structure.  

        Various types of undercladding can be supplied depending on budget, functionality requirements and aesthetics.

        A partial undercladding tray system that hides components and wiring that discreetly enhances aesthetics and serves as protection to same is also available.

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