Australia Car Covers – Best Car Covers for Australian Conditions

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Keeping your car protected from the harsh Australian climate can be a challenge, especially when you are on a budget so let us look at Australia Car Covers – best car covers for Australian conditions.

The good news is that there are affordable car covers that can provide the level of protection you need. These will keep your vehicle in top condition here in Australia. There are very few car covers actually made in Australia but you can buy some extremely expensive custom-made covers from a couple of businesses. There are a few ranges of covers made especially for Australia and its harsh climate while most others are supplied by American and Asian businesses with deceitful name like Australia Car Covers which are sent to you from Texas USA.. Here, we will explore some of the best car covers for Australian conditions.

Cover of Car for a purpose – Important, Australia Car Covers – Best Car Covers for Australian Conditions.

This may sound almost silly to say but choose a cover for the purpose you want the cover for! Obviously, you should know if you want indoor or outdoor protection. If it is outdoor protection, buy a cover for the main purpose of the protection. For example, DO NOT buy a hail protection cover which will mainly be used as a general all-weather UV protection cover. It is called a Hail Protection Cover for a reason. If you want to leave your cover on the car all day every day by a general purpose Stormguard style cover as a hail protection cover, while waterproof and UV protected, may break down to prolonged periods of weeks left in Australia’s searing sun.

Weatherproof and Waterproof Car Covers

One of the most principal factors to consider when protecting your car is whether the cover is weatherproof or waterproof. A weatherproof cover will protect your vehicle from harsh sunlight, dirt, and debris, but may not be suitable for ultra wet weather conditions. On the other hand, a waterproof cover will keep your car dry in even the heaviest rain. The big advantage of

Australia Car Covers – Best Car Covers for Australian Conditions. - muti-layer diagram

‘weatherproof’ rather than waterproof is that the material can ‘breathe.’ This is especially important to keep your vehicle from building up condensation which can lead to other severe problems. However, a good waterproof cover will have Anti-Condensation air breathers to allow any condensation build-up to escape. Both should also offer  UV protection from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

The best generic weatherproof and waterproof car covers on the Australian market include the Evolution range of car covers and the Stormguard ranges of car covers where you will find a cover to fit almost any sedan, hatchback, SUV or single or double cab Utes. You will also find a van cover and a small truck cover in the Stormguard range. These covers feature high-quality materials, such as multi-layer fabric and reinforced seams, to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Indoor Car Covers - Dust Proof

An important consideration when choosing a car cover for indoor use is the level of dust protection it provides. Australian is known for its dust and dust storms which affect even the metropolitan areas. Dust can build up on your car's exterior and damage its paintwork over time. Look for car covers specifically designed to be dustproof, like  the Showroom Car Cover range for sedans. You can also buy indoor car covers for Utes and SUV’s as well as GT and prestige cars.

Indoor Car Cover – Car Bubble ultimate protection.

A special and/or valuable vehicle deserves extra care and attention. A vehicle stored in a Car Bubble is being kept in an air-filtered, controlled atmosphere where it is almost totally protected from any accidental bumps or scrapes. A Car Bubble is the ultimate indoor car cover protection.

Car Hail Protection Cover

Australia has some of the world’s worst hailstone storms. Hail can cause severe damage to a car's bodywork, so if you are living in an area prone to hail, you must buy a hail protection car

Australia Car Covers – Best Car Covers for Australian Conditions - hail cover

cover. These covers usually feature a thick layer of padding as well as multi-layer fabric found on good standard car covers, which absorbs the impact of hailstones. Check out the Hail Protection Covers including the  Hail Armor car cover from for a splendid example of these. All these covers are made specifically for Australia and Australian conditions.

UV Protected Car Covers

The Australian sun can be incredibly harsh, causing exterior paint fade and damage to your car's interior. A quality car cover with UV protection will help to protect against this. The Stormguard all-weather range, for example, is made from a UV-protective fabric and will protect your car from up to 99.9% of the sun's harmful rays. Again, you should know by the name, a Hail protection cover, while UV protected, is not made to protect a vehicle over an extended period from UV rays. The hot Australian sun may eventually break down the waterproof membrane on a hail protection cover.

 Summary - Australia Car Covers – Best Car Covers for Australian Conditions.

There is a cover for all conditions in Australia. Make sure you are buying from an Australian company supplying covers specially made for Australian conditions like Car Covers and Shelter. Remember to consider the size and fit of the car cover based on your vehicle's dimensions. Additionally, factors like breathability, ease of installation, and ventilation should also be considered depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

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