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This is a post by Car Covers and Shelter carports -find the best value carport prices in Australia. You will not find better delivered prices anywhere and if you do, give us a phone call and we will beat any advertised delivered price. We believe that every Australian home and property deserves the practicality and affordability of a carport. Carports offer much more than just a place to park your vehicles and they provide protection from the harsh Australian climate, increase the value of your property, and can be customized to suit your style and needs. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of carports available and highlight the best carport prices in Australia.

Types of Carports

When it comes to carports, there are several options to choose from and each has its own unique features and benefits. Let's take a closer look:

  1. Flat Roof or Skillion Carports: These carports have a simple, flat roof design that complements modern and minimalist aesthetics. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and provide ample space for multiple vehicles.
  2. Gable Roof Carports: Gable roof carports add a touch of elegance to any property and their pitched roof design not only looks visually appealing but also allows for better water drainage. Gable roof carports are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add style to their outdoor space.
  3. Dutch Gable roof carports: These are a popular choice in Australia as many Australian homes have a Dutch Gable roof so they can add class and colour to your new outdoor addition.
  4. Hip roof carports: These are elegant and strong with easy maintenance and beautiful street appeal.
    Carports - Find the Best Value Carport Prices in Australia , Cantaport Cantilever carport
  5. Cantaport Cantilever Carports: Cantaport is the choice for pure elegance of design, easy installation and with just 2 legs on one side only you'll find the precision made Cantaports cannot be beaten.

Affordability: Cheap Carport and Carport Kits

At Car Covers and Shelter, we understand the importance of finding affordable solutions without compromising on quality so that's why we offer cheap carport options and convenient carport kits. The range of off-the-shelf carports, Budget range and Lysaght range, are the best value you will find. The Custom-designed Professional Choice range is simply the best quality, strongest carport range available in Australia.

 Here's why our carports are not only budget-friendly but also a smart investment:

Carport kits come with pre-cut and pre-drilled components, making installation a breeze for the DIY enthusiast.

  • DIY carport kits allow you to save on labour costs, as you can build your carport yourself.
  • All carports are built to withstand the toughest Australian conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicles, boats, or equipment.

Examples of Carport Uses - Carports - Find the Best Value Carport Prices in Australia 

The versatility of carports extends beyond housing vehicles. Here are a few examples of how carports can be utilized:

  • Create an outdoor entertainment area for family gatherings and barbecues.
  • Protect your caravan or RV from the sun and rain.
    Carports - Find the Best Value Carport Prices in Australia  - Dutch Gable Patio
  • Shelter your boat or watercraft, preserving its condition for years to come.
  • Use the carport as a storage space for gardening tools, bicycles, or other equipment.
  • Use a Cantaport Cantilever carport as a spectator cover at your sport ground.
  • Use a Cantaport Cantilever carport as a bus shelter and
  • use any carport design as a Patio for your back yard.

Benefits of DIY Carport Kits

Opting for a DIY carport kit offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: By assembling the carport yourself, you eliminate the need for expensive contractors or builders.
  • Customize to your liking: DIY carport kits in the Professional Choice Range can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your property.
  • Personal satisfaction: Building your own carport is a rewarding experience that allows you to take pride in your hard work and achievements.

Carports - Special Deals and Offers

DIY Flat Roof Carport Kits

The Flat Roof Carport Kits by Lysaght are probably the most popular off-the-shelf carport kits in Australia. Lysaght carports offer a combination of durability and versatility and are made from Australian-made steel and come in a Single Carport design and a Double Carport design. Lysaght carports provide long lasting durability and demand minimal maintenancemaking them an ideal choice for those looking for long-term value. These single and double carports are also available for customers living in Cyclonic Wind areas. The price advertised with Car Covers and Shelter includes the freight charge to your home for 95% of Australians and if you can find a better deal, we will beat it.

Budget Carport – DIY Flat roof Carport

The Budget carport DIY Flat Roof carport is the best value carports in Australia. You will not find these single and double carports cheaper anywhere in Australia. The single and double Budget DIY Carports are not suitable for northern WA or Far North Queensland cyclonic areas. The advertised price includes freight to your local Mainfreight depot. We deliver them in easy-to-pick-up flat packs to your locaql depot where a small pick-up fee will apply.

Gable Carport – Budget Range

The Budget Carport range includes a single gable carport and a double gable carport. Again, the price includes delivery to your nearest Mainfreight depot. The Budget Gable Carports are available in a cyclonic design for Northern Australia customers.

Carports by Professional Choice   

We can specially design any carport design, any size, any height, and any colour for you. We manufacture throughout Australia and all quotes include home delivery. Professional Choice carports as simply the best, strongest and heaviest carport designed and made in Australia.In your area, wind or rain will never damage a Professional Choice Carport.  You will find prices are more than competitive against many inferior brands for a custom-designed carport.

Summary - Carports - Find the Best Value Carport Prices in Australia 

At Car Covers and Shelter, we understand the importance of getting the best value for your money. That's why we offer the best deals and discounts on your carports. Visit our website or contact our customer service team. You will not find better value for money.

Investing in a carport is a practical and affordable way to add value to your property while protecting your vehicles and belongings from the elements. Whether you choose a flat roof, skillion, gable roof, hip, or off-the shelf carport, you can enjoy the benefits of style, durability, and convenience. With our cheap carport options and DIY carport kits, you have the power to create the perfect carport for your needs. Don't wait any longer – secure the best carport prices in Australia and enhance your property today!


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