Australia-first development with shared solar power

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Australia-first development with shared solar power

Australia-first development with shared solar power is now a reality. The  development in Kurnell, on Sydney's Botany Bay, has 12 homes that share solar power in the same small estate. This is the first time this has been done in Australia although it is quite common in Europe. Carports could become more than vehicle shelters in future developments but a source of free electric power for all.

Australia-first development with shared solar power- the battery that will be installed in the estate.
The battery being installed in the estate


The development consists of three and four bedroom town-homes and is due to complete by mid-September 2018. The solar electricity generated will be stored in batteries and delivered to each home. The idea is to give the residents in the development zero electricity bills!

It is the first of many more to come in Australia. Some companies are also now working on hybrid systems to share where the communal batteries are powered not only with sun power but also wind power.

Solar carports for Australia-first development with shared solar power?

Developers in future would be advised to look also at the advantages of installing solar carports for vehicle protection and solar power generation. In the Kurnell development a 5kW solar system and an 8kwh Battery is powering each home. The double solar carport will generate 5.85kw. Adoption of the technology means the developer was able to avoid paying a $250,000 fee to upgrade the electricity grid and infrastructure to accommodate the new homes in the area. It makes sense for developers to spend this money on solar technology, save money on their infrastructure costs and then be able to  sell their new homes at a premium price.

The system is expected to save the new owners a minimum of $620,000 in power bills over the next two decades – or $2500 annually per household. With nothing to pay for their electricity supply, they just pay a $30 monthly management fee for the system. Why not install a 7.4kw system into your home and protect your vehicles as well?

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