Solar Carports can save money and the hassle of having no electricity

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Solar Carports can Save Money and the Hassle of Having no Electricity

A news article this week, May 2018, tells us that it was only costly back-up power that saved the east coast of Australia from blackouts over the long, hot summer; solar ready carports can save money.

There were two reports released  released by the Australian Energy Market Operator on Wednesday May 16th that show the regulator believes there would have been blackouts last summer in South Australia and Victoria but was saved by triggering backup power mechanism called the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT).Solar Carports can save money and the hassle of having no electricity

AEMO said in the reports that it wants to expand the scope of the RERT. The operator will push for new rules that would expand the time it can call on companies covered by the RERT to reduce power usage before expected hotter weather. AEMO want to move from giving 10 weeks notice to companies to nine months notice.

The operator found electricity demand across Australia’s east coast declined over summer but it was still a battle to stop hot weather - which puts greater pressure on power plants and power lines - from causing wide-spread blackouts.

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