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Car Covers and Shelter does not have a “range of carports” but instead makes every carport to your exact specifications to deliver to your site, Australia’s best carport kits. Professional Choice Sheds provide a simple and effective solution for every home. Because every kit is individually designed for your needs, there are unlimited sizes available. You can also choose from all the standard Colorbond colours and carport designs. Your design can be: -

Australia is not only known for its beautiful weather, but also the potential damage the climate can cause to ourselves and  vehicles. Constant exposure to sun, rain, snow, and hail can wear down surfaces relatively quickly. To protect your assets from long-term harm, a carport kit or DIY carport is a great solution. Carports are a cost-effective alternative to steel sheds or garages. Not only do they provide protection from the elements but add value to your residence as well.

What is a Carport Kit?

Carport kits provides all pre-cut parts and fasteners, delivered to your site, and manufactured to make installation into a carport as easy and simple as possible. Any person with some DIY experience should be able to install a carport kit with the assistance of a friend. The best carport kits, like those provided by Professional Choice, come with pages of simple instructions. Each page has a QR Scan code in case you do hit a problem. Scan the code and you will be taken to a YouTube video to assist you.

Carport Kit Design Options are Limitless.

Your carport kit from Professional Choice, provides a great solution for your home. Design options are limitless, and you can choose from all standard Colorbond colour. With our carport range, you can create a Gable, Dutch gable, Skillion or Hip roof carport, depending on your desired look. You can also ask for extra strength on the roof to accommodate the additional weight of solar panels.

The kits are easy to assemble, taking minimal time and effort compared to other methods of construction. The parts in each kit are pre-cut and pre-drilled so that installation is as simple as possible – little to no extra cutting or drilling required! You can also easily construct it yourself - all the necessary materials come included with every carport package. We make sure that building your own carport is quick and cost effective!

Carport kits are Designed with Convenience in Mind

Are you looking to design and build a carport that stands up to the elements? Carport kits offer an ideal building solution for any budget. Designed with convenience in mind, carport kits are made with ease assembly in mind – no need for expensive engineering or material costs.

Home handyman and contractors alike can easily construct these structures themselves or hire qualified tradesmen for help. With cost savings reaching hundreds (possibly even thousands) of dollars, investing in a carport kit is the best choice for any do-it-yourself project.

All-Australian design and all-Australian Steel Carports

We are proud to offer high-quality Australian High Tensile Steel and Lysaght Colourbond steel to provide superior protection against climate conditions. No matter the size of your vehicle - single car, double two car, or multiple car designs - our team has the expertise and engineering capabilities to create a custom-tailored solution that meets your specific needs.

These structures are also designed with quality and ease of assembly in mind; all components required for assembly already included in the kit provided. A wide range of customizable options including sizes, shapes, colours, and selections is available for our customers to choose from. With us, you can count on getting the best possible product using simple tools and building materials that adhere to current council and building standards.

A Carport Kit is Not Pre-Assembled - Australia’s Best Carport Kits

As these carport kits are not pre-assembled they often tend to be more affordable because the manufacturers aren’t required to pay for the labour costs associated with constructing it on site first.

  • Our carport kits offer exceptional convenience, allowing you to build with minimal effort. Everything you need - the frame, roof, posts, plates and even downpipes, guttering and bolts and screws - will be delivered directly to your door. Say goodbye to sourcing all the individual steel parts; they're ready for assembly in your order.  
  • Delivery to your site is free. This applies to most of Australia. In a few isolated Bush areas, there may be a small additional freight charge.

  • Cut Costs with Pre-Punched and Pre-Cut Carport Kits: Save your hard-earned money with our cost-efficient carport kits! Our pre-assembled and pre-cut steel helps you get the exact measurements needed for a perfect fit, eliminating any wastage. We have a national contract with top suppliers such as BlueScope Lysaght so that you can shop confidently knowing you are getting fantastic factory direct pricing. Save time and money with carports built using our affordable kits!

  • Professional Choice Sheds Carport Kits provide convenience and ease when it comes to installation. Every pre-cut, pre-punched component fits together perfectly and a detailed bill of material, guide, and drawings, complete with QR Reader help, are provided to help you along the way. Certified Engineering is also included in the kits so you don't have to worry about finding draftsman or engineers to make sure everything meets current Australian Standards. The kits are designed to accommodate all wind regions in Australia including those regions with potential for cyclonic weather. Installing a carport kit yourself or enlisting assistance from a professional installer will result in significant time and money savings.

Free Delivery for Most of Australia

Delivery to your site is easy. We provide service to all the major cities in Australia, such as Brisbane, Townsville, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. We also

Australia’s Best Carport Kits - Building a carport kit

have national logistics who can deliver to most other areas of Australia. We have flat rate fees for freight included in your quote price so no additional charges and you don't have to arrange a truck yourself.   


Pre-Cutting - You save money because you only pay for what you need. For example, If you require a 6m long carport but the steel comes in 7.5m stock lengths - we will pre-cut it down just like you need it which saves the wastage costs associated with buying longer length material than needed.

With other carport kits, you may have to pay for more than the amount you need – a 20% wastage factor! But not with our kits. We provide lengths that fit your exact needs and we pre-punched holes for fast installation, saving you time and money. Included in the kit, you will find every component needed – posts, frame, and roof, guttering, downpipe, and fasteners. And it's fully engineered to meet your site-specific requirements and ready for sending to your council.

Australian Standards for Class 10A Buildings

Current building standards must be met and the carport must be designed to cope with local weather conditions. Certified designs from a structural engineer will not only be costly, but also time consuming. To save you hassle and money, our carports come with site-specific engineering that covers all wind regions in Australia, as well as surpasses national building code requirements. You will be ready to submit your application to council for approval immediately.

Council Permission for Carports is Required in Almost all Installations.

Before you start a building project, you may need to obtain local council approval. You can either process the paperwork yourself or utilize the services of a private building certifier to submit the application for you. It's important that you include a scaled and shaped site plan as well as all applicable engineering documents with your forms. While building projects such as carports are often relatively straightforward, be sure that you get the necessary clearances from the local council before beginning work.

Locally Produced with Australian Steel - Australia’s Best Carport Kits

Staying on Time and On Budget. With multiple steel manufacturing plants and branches spanning Australia, direct deliveries are provided to all states. These include Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

You can expect to have your carport kit delivered between 4-6 weeks. Choose from a wide selection of colours and sizes to find the perfect fit for your needs. Once the carport arrives onsite, check all the carport kit parts with the Bill of Materials supplied and then you are ready to start installation!

Your carport kit is of the highest quality, with only materials and steel sourced from Australia.  All products have been locally designed and manufactured from Australian steel, allowing them to withstand the test of time and conditions facing Australians. You have a choice of the widest range of carport kits made with Colorbond. Rest assured that your purchase will not come up short of expectations when you choose Professional Choice Carport Kits made from BlueScope Steel.

Main Carport Kit Manufacturing Sites - Australia’s Best Carport Kits

  • Brisbane
  • Townsville
  • Rockhampton
  • Sydney
  • Newcastle
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

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