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It is advisable to read this blog about best covers for Australia 2023 if you are considering buying a car cover. Australia is more and more flooded with Google recommendations for products from America mostly but also other countries. There are a few blogs telling you about the best car covers for the USA but what about the best car covers for Australia 2023?

Best Car Covers for Australia 2023 - The Stormguard range of car covers

Its fine to read about what is best for the USA, a country that always assumes that what’s best for them is best for the rest of the world also. There are so many car cover companies based in the USA and elsewhere all topping Google searches for car cover buyers in Australia.

The company makes most of its product for the American and international markets but then advertises it for sale in Australia.

Maybe just check out some of the reviews before buying from these businesses. Here are some reviews from the largest Google Advertisers in Australia. You will find them all at the top of your Google search for car covers.

Australia Car Covers

 These people spend hundreds of dollars every day on Australian Google searches. You should Google product reviews for these businesses before ordering.

 Check this out, for example -  Australia Car Covers Reviews.

What’s good for American Car Covers may not be good for Australia!

Before you buy, check out the reviews of these offshore companies using ‘Australia” as part of their trading name. There are many reviews like this for the US based Australia Car Covers from Australians: -

“Total rip off

Never got delivered lost heaps of money, I bought two items, never saw them.

Purchased in May 2023 for $680.” ….. our guess would be that the service and cover quality is equally bad in their home country of the USA.

Car Covers Australia

This is another big Google advertiser in Australia. You might also decide to buy from Car Covers Australia. Again, this is a foreign international business that appears to compete with Australia Car Covers for the very worst reviews possible!

Here is an example from

Absolute scam company - don’t get ripped off - avoid.

Bought water proof OUTDOOR PRO, definitely not waterproof, water everywhere, no response from company, wish I had seen these reviews before I wasted $350. Deserve to be jailed

Purchased in Mar 2023 for $350.”

Covers & All

Another USA based car cover manufacturer is Covers & All. It looks like they have decided to flood the Australian market with their poorly made covers and even poorer service.

Look for them on before purchasing. This is another two-star supplier and here is a typical Australian review: -

HORRIBLE completely wrong sizes and they refused to give refund

we ordered 2 outdoor cushions and both where completely wrong size. after weeks of back and forth emails and sending them video evidence that the covers where wrong they refused to take blame and stop replying to our emails and calls

  • Return Claim Made: No

TEMU – a Fourth large Australian Google Advertiser

Temu is another international business. They claim to sell everything at wholesale prices. They are not a specialist in any area and certainly not specialising in car covers. Temu products are poorly made and Temu has very poor reviews. Here is a typical Australian review: -

Your Package Will Gone Somewhere

Got message from temu after a week saying order has been returned to warehouse!
Then go to their sms support, they are just simply said all your orders has no stocks, and they said they will do all the refund. What a stupid answer and such a waste of time

Best Car Covers for Australia 2023 are supplied by Australian Businesses

Why not protect yourself and keep your hard-earned money in the country by supporting Australian Businesses?

Buy From Australian Businesses who sell Product made for Australian Conditions.

We all know that it is expensive to manufacture in Australia. Because our workforce is one of the highest paid in the world, many goods become too expensive to manufacture in Australia.

That does not mean we can’t have product made for Australia and Australian conditions. Many large manufacturers have moved offshore as Australian labour has become just too expensive. However, in this massive country, we still need product designed and manufactured for our harsh climate. We still have many products from vehicles to Car Covers that have been designed and manufactured specifically for Australian conditions.

All Australian Businesses must work to ACCC Rules

The ACCC is our national consumer law regulator. They ensure that goods sold by Australian businesses are fit for purpose and protect the legal rights of you, the consumer. They also control advertising to ensure that all advertising is accurate and honest. Warranties must be given on all products sold in Australia and the consumer will be assisted if these warranties are not honoured.

It is difficult for them to pursue businesses selling in Australia that are not based in Australia, so it makes sense to buy from Australian businesses.

A custom-made car cover is a cover specifically made for your specific vehicle. Australian businesses cannot advertise ‘custom-fit” for your vehicle unless it is being made as a one-off for your vehicle only. Custom fit and custom made are often used to describe foreign-purchased, generic car covers.

Hail Protection Car Cover is also a common claim by these foreign suppliers. Every car cover supplier in Australia will supply you with a quality multi-tier cover of 3 to 7 layer but none would claim it is “hail protection”. These multi-layer car covers will give some protection against small hail but will offer virtually no hail protection against the large hailstorms common in Australia.

Waterproof Car covers

Protecting your vehicle when its parked outside in sun, hail or rain should be easy.  Even if you are lucky enough to have your own shelter, your vehicle is not immune to damage. This is where waterproof car covers come in handy. There are a few Australian businesses supplying quality outdoor car covers that are waterproof. It is important that you do not buy a cover that cannot breathe. It must have air vents or be made of a quality ‘breathable’ material. Almost by definition, a fabric that can breathe is more likely to be “showerproof” and not waterproof. Good quality covers for any vehicle type are available here. All of these are designed for Australian conditions and come with at least a 1-year Australian warranty. (Click title to see)

Sedan and Hatch waterproof Covers

SUV waterproof covers

Ute waterproof covers

Double Cad Ute waterproof covers

Van or people mover waterproof covers

Station wagon waterproof cover

Other businesses sell covers made for Australia, but this Autotecnica range was the first and it is still one of the best.

Best Car Covers for Australia 2023 – Buy from Australia

This content is probably not what you expected in an article about Best Car Covers for Australia 2023, but it is obvious that many Australian customers are being fooled into buying inferior products from abroad. Hopefully this helps you make a better decision for yourself and for Australia.

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