Four Reasons to buy a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business

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When you're trying to figure out how to make more space for your growing company, here are four reasons to buy a mezzanine floor for Your Business. Look at the unused ‘space’ you have between your floor and your roof - think up! Installing mezzanine flooring the most cost-effective way to expand your floor space without moving to a new location or adding on a new building to your existing premises. Here are four reasons why it's better than other options.

  1. A Mezzanine Floor is the cheapest way to increase your floor space.

You have a growing business, and you need more space. Limited options will include moving to a

Four Reasons to buy a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business - photo of mezzanine floor

larger premises, adding a new building in your existing property envelope using the huge amount of unused ‘air space” between your existing floor and ceiling. Its easy to do some quick estimates for your expansion costs. Its amazing how cheaply you can add a mezzanine floor kit.

Mezzanine Floor Space For as little as $150 per square metre

On a large mezzanine floor plan, designed for your premises, you can pay as little as $150 per square metre!

Even a small mezzanine floor of 15-20 square metres can be designed, supplied and installed for less than $300 per square metre.

Mezzanine Floor Plan and Mezzanine Floor Kits - Four Reasons to buy a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business

These will be supplied to you for around the prices stated above. With Professional Choice, your plans will be site-specific so little problem with local council approval, if necessary. It will be made of the highest quality Australian high-tensile steel. It will also come with state-of-the-art plans and engineering drawings. This makes do-it-yourself installation easy. Every joint has a Q-Reader code beside the illustration to take you to a YouTube video. You can save even more by doing it yourself!

  1. Mezzanine Floor kits make use of that very expensive space you own or rent and don’t use!

Sheds and warehouses often have high ceilings, which leave a lot of wasted space above the ground. Installing mezzanine floors is one of the easiest ways to fix this problem. A mezzanine floor gives you more space without cramping existing work areas. Give your employees more flexibility and freedom when it comes to achieving maximum capacity.

  1. A mezzanine floor gives more productivity.

You are using your staff's workspace as storage, which is causing them to work in cramped conditions. If they need a part, you force them to walk from one end of your large warehouse to the other. Tea break comes along, and the workforce may have to go to a demountable outside the door for their break!

A central mezzanine floor can be used to fix all of these problems. You can use your mezzanine for almost any purpose. Many people think of a mezzanine floor as a storage area, but they also make excellent staff rooms, office space or work areas. The money you spend on a new mezzanine floor can be very quickly paid back in the increased productivity and happiness of your staff.

  1. Easy to Install and maintain - Mezzanine Floor Plan 

Think about the mess and disruption caused by relocating or building. By installing mezzanine floors, you can avoid all that hassle and level up your office or warehouse in a matter of a few days. Made from the finest Australian steel, and your choice of flooring, (usually yellow or blue tongue board), cleaning up spills and messes off mezzanine floors is easy. Mezzanine floors make organising your rooms on the mezzanine floor or employee working space, simple. You can customise your new storage with your own shelving and racks, or you can make the floor strong enough to accommodate the heaviest machinery. You can create and arrange to make sure that it all works best for your business.

Professional mezzanine flooring systems supplied in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and all of Australia.

Get the most out of your warehouse space with a Professional Choice Custom Designed

Four Reasons to buy a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business - phot6o of mezzanine

mezzanine flooring solution. From the beginning, we have helped companies and industries all over Australia increase profits by maximising their available working areas.   

Your Mezzanine Floor Plan - Four Reasons to buy a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business

Professional Choice Custom Designed mezzanine floors are the perfect way to maximise your shed or warehouse space. From the beginning, we have helped companies across Australia increase profits by maximising their storage capacity--and leading to improved customer service.  

We will design your new mezzanine floor to fit your premises exactly and we will make it locally in your state. Whether you choose the easy, cost-effective option of installing yourself or seeing nit installed quickly and efficiently by a local professional, you’ll never look back at one of the best investments of your life.

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