Best Garden Sheds, Prices & Sizes

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Are you looking for a new garden shed. Let’s look at the best garden sheds, prices, and sizes. Do you need extra storage space or are you tired of your old, dank storage space that's falling apart? It’s time to buy a new shed so here are some of the best sheds on the market right now.

Best Garden Sheds Reviews

The best garden sheds for sale are the ones that can be used for a variety of purposes. All you need

Best Garden Sheds, Prices & Sizes - 2 slimline sheds

to do is establish the size you want and determine your budget and you will find one to suit. It’s always best to buy the largest one you can afford and that will fit in your yard as most people will find that even the largest garden sheds will run out of the storage space you are looking for over a few years! You should consider buying a shed that has multiple doors and windows so you can access your belongings easily. It's also important to consider how much space you have in your backyard before buying a new shed. If your garden shed is under ten square metres, it is unlikely your local council will require you to seek permission to assemble.

Slimline Garden Sheds

If you have limited space, you can buy a slimline or narrow garden shed that can give you heaps of storage but will fit under the eaves of your home. These are ideal for strata living or on small blocks but remember, you may have to request permission from your strata before purchasing a shed.

In this article we'll cover some basic information about buying new sheds: what kinds they come in (steel, wooden, plastic), their sizes and prices as well as some tips on choosing one to suit you, so keep reading if this sounds interesting!

Best Garden Sheds for Sale

In Australia, for price, ease of installation, minimal maintenance, and longevity the best garden sheds to consider are prefabricated steel made from Colorbond or similar treated steel sheeting. Wooden sheds can be great, but they are usually more difficult to install, more expensive and require maintenance in the way of re-felting roofs and painting or varnishing the wood. You’ll find that garden sheds made of plastic are flimsy and over a period of a few years, the UV protection will break down under the savage Australian sun.

Prices of Garden Sheds - Best Garden Sheds, Prices & Sizes

Prices on garden sheds are very affordable and you can check out a full range of sheds available at Covers and Shelter Garden Sheds.

There are six ranges of sheds all in various sizes, the same style available in five colours. Here are the starting prices for each range. The price includes free delivery to your local Mainfreight depot but there is a small pick-up fee to be paid to the depot.

Slimline Yardstore series – From $275.00

Spacemaker garden shed series – From $505

Storemate Garden Shed series – From $695.00

Maxistore Garden Shed series – From $889.00

Eco Plus Workshop Garden Shed series – From $2069.00

Smartlocker Lockaway Garden Shed series – From $2819

Please note, prices correct at time of writing. The company offers regular “special deals” monthly so that savings of up to 20% can be made on a special deal.

Best Sheds for Car

If you have a car, then you need an exceptionally large shed or garage. Our custom designed Colorbond garages are just big sheds. You can design your new garage to any size you wish. It is common to allow an additional twenty square metres or so at the rear of the garage. Use this for a general storage and workshop space. You can have as many roller doors as you need and you can add personal access doors, windows, skylights, whirligig, insulation and much more to get the exact design and specifications you want. A single garage will start at just under $7000, delivered to your door.

Wood Garden Sheds

Wooden garden sheds are still popular but are being quickly replaced by steel sheds. You will find wood is more expensive than plastic and metal ones and they require more maintenance. They can be painted to match the house, making them look even more attractive. These sheds are useful for storing tools and equipment, as well as bikes, garden furniture and other items. They can also be used as a workshop or studio if you have the space in your backyard.

Plastic Garden Sheds

Plastic sheds are a poorer choice in Australia. They are light, easy to assemble and usually

Best Garden Sheds, Prices & Sizes - Maxistore garden Shed

cheap. The savage Australian sun will eventually break through any UV protection and cause the plastic to become brittle and easily broken. They can also be blown away much easier in the many areas of Australia that are prone to high and cyclonic winds. They may be good for short-term storage options in the garden.

Summary - Best Garden Sheds, Prices & Sizes

If you're looking for a new garden shed, you will find the Spanbilt Australian made range, as described here, is one of the best. They are all supplied in flat packs with full easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Almost anyone will find the assembly plans and videos easy to follow.

We hope you have found this article helpful in your search for the perfect garden shed. If you require some more guidance, feel free to phone the office on the phone number shown above.

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